Aode Slow 1st To 2nd Under Wot

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  1. I have a '94 gt, all stock with 100k miles on it.

    It shifts good, no shudder or slips. But when getting on it in 1st, it's really slow to change into second. If I am just cruising the shift from 1st to 2nd is just as fast as the rest of the shifts. But if it's WOT and im pushing it, it takes about 2 seconds (!!) to go from 1st to 2nd, with a slight loss in power while it grabs 2nd.

    I know the AODE's aren't real snappy, but it seems odd. I've seen videos of auto's chirping into 2nd stock (I am not expecting this with the highway gears it has) but my RPM/power seems to stop/float higher in the rpm before finding 2nd and dropping RPMs and continuing. And it only does it under wide open throttle (I think near 6k rpm, about 37mph)

    Fluid is good, fresh and red... a sensor maybe, or just a tired old automatic? A new valve body will be coming soon as well.
  2. How's the 2-3 WOT shift? The auto's are programmed to shift WOT at about 5300. A shift kit will dramatically quicken the shift. The delay you experience may be due to hesitation in the 1-2 shift solenoid.
    As grounds are so important for all the electronics, remove and clean the battery to engine and engine to chassis ground terminals. They probably haven't been cleaned at in years.
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  3. 2-3 is fast and solid under WOT. The shift solenoid is in the valve body? A newer/better valve body (silverfox or lenntech, undecided) is planned for next month, I've been told they are an easier install/produce better results than a shift kit.

    Grounds cleaning is on the to-do list when I change the oil next, jrichker posted their locations for me when I replaced my headlight pigtail.
  4. Did you or a former owner change the gears in the rear axle? The computer shifts the tranny mainly based on throttle (how hard you push on the gas). This is timed based on the stock rear gear set. If you have 3.73's or 4.10's, you're reaching high rpm's faster then the computer is expecting and it's getting confused. This happens with every Mustang with an automatic when they change the rear gears.

    To fix it, you'll need to get a chip for the computer to change the shift points, so it knows to shift gears sooner than it does now. You can buy a chip and program it yourself, or you can pay someone for it. I'd recommend doing it yourself so you can fine-tune the shift points.
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  5. It has the stock 272 highway gears in it. I was shocked to see the speedo correcter is ~140 for autos, use to $15 speedo gear on stick!

    It sounds like toyman is right on the 1-2 solenoid/spring accumulator, or at least it seems like it to the guru at clickclickracing... New silverfox valvebody for this guy at the end of the month! Sorry for pointless threads, there will likely be more if strange things pop up...