AODE to 5 speed. help me complete my list

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by urban96, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. ok this spring ive decided that im done with this AODE, it still shifts fine but i dont like how it feels so sluggish when i hit the go pedal so im replacing it with a 5speed.

    heres my current list of parts, please add to it any that i have missed. does any company sell a complete kit instead of buying all parts seperate?

    pilot bearing
    pressure plate
    clutch fork
    clutch cable
    pedal assembly
    transmission harness
    throwout bearing
    shifter bezel
    shift knob

    (ps - what year t-5 should i look for, 94-95 only or is the 96+ v6 t5 the same?)
  2. i just found a world class t5 for pretty cheap heres the description of it

    "this is a five speed transmission that came out of my 89 mustang with a 2.3 it is a world class tranny with the fiber synchros, tapered roller bearing for the countershaft and needle bearings instead of bushings for 2nd and 3rd gears. Lower 1st gear for better exceleration. Will work on 2.3 or 5.0 with correct pilot bearing. comes with stock shifter and the correct pilot bearing for the 5.0"

    would this be strong enough for our cars?
  3. mustangparts specielties sells a kit, but, you would save money if you bought the parts seperately.
  4. That one isn't a world class then urban, if you have to use a funky pilot bearing, the world class T-5s have the normal, larger input shafts. I have a 2.3 T-5 in my 94 and it is fun, but the gearing has begun to get on my nerves after about a year of having it, 1st and 2nd gears are useless b/c of tire spin, way to low geared with my 3.73s and 5th is quite a bit more low geared than a normal T-5 and you will def. see a big decrease in your fuel mileage, and with the 2.3 trans and steeper rear axle gears you will be shifting all the time. Mine had held up fine behind the original engine, but after only 2 months behind the new 306(see sig) it has gotten very notchy when shifting and has started to hang up between 3rd and 4th when powershifting and of late won't really go into 3rd when I try to speed shift it. I have a feeling it will be heading south pretty soon. I would look for a 94-95 trans, bell housing etc, b/c the 86-93 T-5s have a shorter input shaft which means you have to make a spacer for the trans mount and also use a fox body specific bell housing. I just made sure that when I bought my bell housing and such that is was all fox body specific and plus I work at a Ford Dealership in the parts dept. so I really had it easy crossing numbers and figuring what will interchange and such.
  5. Use all the stuff for a 94-95, it will go right it with little modification. Will have to cut a little on the shifter opening. I think MPS is almost $2000 for the entire kit, I got a complete tranny with clutch and bellhousing off here from a guy really reasonably.