Drivetrain Aode To T5 --- What Goes In This Hole?

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  1. I'm in the middle of swapping my AODE to a T5. I have a transmission like one pictured below. What goes in the hole that is circled? Is it the speedo gear and sensor? Mine doesn't seem to fit [it's loose]. Any advice?


  2. Also, the one that I've X'd out is not a part of my transmission, it does not have any type of hole or spot for a sensor to go into. Otherwise the transmission looks the same.
  3. Yes; it's most certainly for the speedo sensor. There should be a retaining clip/bolt to hold it in there.

    Like this:
  4. Thank you!

    I tried taking the one out of my AODE and putting it in, but it does not fit. I went to Auto Zone and the AODE and T5 have the same part # for the speed sensor. The speedo gear needs to be changed [different part number for AODE and T5] and considering I have 4.10's in the rear, I should change it anyway. I just ordered a speedo gear for a T5 and I'm hoping that's what was causing it not to fit correctly [due to using the AODE gear].

    Any idea why I don't have that plug on the top of the trans [the one I X'd out]?
  5. If my memory serves me correctly it's the fluid level sensor. It was added in later years but I don't remember off the top of my head when. If your trans doesnt have it then it must be an earlier one. Someone else might be able to chime in when it was added.
  6. It is a speedometer sensor and with the AODE one you can cut about a 1/4 inch off the tip and it will fit in just fine.
  7. That's an odd place for a fluid level sensor. Considering it's right on the shift forks my guess would be some sort of gear indicator.
  8. Damn, I just ordered a new gear!

    Oh well, It'll be nice to know how fast I'm really going. I've been using the stock gear [For 2.73 gears] with my 4.10 gears in. It'd always say I was going 120MPH+ :rlaugh:
  9. Also, I would really like to avoid finding/buying a 5Spd harness. If I just jump the 2 and 3 pin connectors together on the AODE harness and plug in the connector [that is currently jumped] under the dash will it function correctly?
  10. You do know that there is no driven gear that will work with the 4:10's unless the drive gear has been changed to a 6 tooth gear. See this page from the FRPP catalog for your options. I see it doesn't redirect. Go to page 173 in the catalog.
  11. Damn, no...I did not know this.