Aode Trouble

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  1. Okay so i bought my 90 mustang 4 years ago it is a automatic :( a week after i bought it the tranny took a poo on me lost reverse so i had it rebuilt fast forward to present and now when i drive in o/d after it shifts through first second and third gets to where it should shift in to o/d at about 2500 - 2000 rpm it wont shift but it wont accelerate it will just rev like its in neutral but once it drops back down to below the shift point i have power again so i dont know if its an electrical or mechanical issue any help is appreciated
  2. Its a aod unless someone changed to aode. Do you do the 1,2,1 shifting in it? I read that will blow out your overdrive
  3. AOD uses throttle pressure and a govenor to dictate shift points and line pressure so if you have an AOD and have issues it's purely mechanical. Sounds to me like you have an issue with either the overdrive band or the servo for the overdrive band.
  4. Sounds like someone did to many 121 shuffles. It puts excessive pressure on the OD band and that is a symptom. Take it to a trans shop, have them put a pressure gauge on it . You may want to drop the pan and look for excessive material.
  5. ya i was thinking i was going to have to bring it to a shop cause i know nothing about the transmissions i do have a c4 that i took out of a mustang 2 cobra but dont know if it is compatible or if its even worth putting in the car anyways ill take the car to a shop and hope it wont be to expensive cause last time i took it to a tranny shop it costed me 3000 to get a rebuild
  6. C4 you will lose the O/D. I would recommend you head over to It is a great site for AOD discussion and tech.
  7. Unless there is some reason you can't have a manual trans, convert it to a 5 speed if it's shot this time.
    3 grand on a stock aod is insanity.
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  8. 3k????

    I can get a rebuilt AOD with a shift kit for $750! they are full of crap for 3k. 3k would get you a monster transmission.
  9. 3k for an AOD rebuild is outrageous.
  10. i think a lentech or similar would be cheaper than 3grand
  11. that was at an amco in corpus christi texas but i still have yet to take it ill take it orlly this weekend