Aod's With 3:73 Gears?

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  1. anyone running these?? i want gears soon, and was goin to go with a 4:10... but some say at the end of the 1/4 mile.. there out of gear... i want be drag racing mine alot though.. i just want it to pull hard from dead stop... it does pretty dang good now though for stock gears... so, what u all think????? 3:73 or 4:10's :shrug:
  2. Is the car mostly stock? If so, you won't run out of gear with 4.10's. Stock converter I assume.

    My stock aod car has 3.55's. It's so-so out of the hole, but a 4.10 car feels much better from my experience. Do you know what gear you have now? May be 3.27's.

    Don't see them mentioned much (ok, maybe never), but someone makes (or made) a 3.90 gear for an 8.8.
  3. yeah, the car is mostly stock, i just plan on doing CAI, Headers, H-pipe, Gears, Edlebrock intake, 70mm TB..... so would a 4:10 be good, or should i go with a 3:73??
  4. go with 4:30s... DON'T FEAR THE GEAR :D
  5. You'll get a little less gas milage with 4.10's, but more out of the hole power. I;d find out what factory gear you have (there's a tag on the center section of the axle, or the door has a tag and you'd look for a letter under "AX"....for example, M under AX is a 2.73). And this is assuming the car doesn't already have a gear (which you really may want to check before you do anything).

    If you have 3.27's and feel you just want a little increase in off the line power, but don't want MPG to suffer much, 3.73's would probably be better. 4.10's will get it out of the hole faster, but it will become harder to hook. But the few stock aod cars with 4.10's that I know of could still hook pretty good with regular radials.
  6. If you're anything close to stock you will NOT run out of gear in the 1/4 mile with 4.10's.
  7. You will eventually add more power most likely...

    Get the 373's...

    Do I have to list the pros and cons again:)
  8. David and Adam, how about making a sticky about gears. :)
  9. i have aod and 3.73 - get them
  10. I second the STICKY gears thread. Definately too many of these.

    And for you I say go 3.73 just becuase. It's better for the car, easier to drive, better gas, and you'll have a little extra once you start makin more horses. And the difference between the gears (depending on a lot of factors) are about 300rpms... I think.
  11. I was debating b/w the two gears and i decided 3.73
    I have a friend, who has a STOCK 5.0, has a 5lb SC and 3.90 and he runs out of gear, he is forced to shift to OD which hurts his times.
  12. i run 4.10's and dont run out of gear on he motor.

    unless im juciein her! then you just put a taller tire on. and go!
  13. It depends on your mods or your anticpated mod levels.. What sort of trap speeds are you planning on running? Where is the peak of your powerband? These will help you determine what gears you need.

    For instance 4.10's with 26" tire hit 6200 rpm @ 112 mph.
  14. Since you said your not going to be drag racing your car a lot...I say you don't pick a gear based on the drag strip. Pick one based on your daily driver wants/needs.
  15. What is wrong with you?

    This just seems like solid logic, which is something that does not apply to many gear threads. :)
    (For the sarcastically-challenged [like I apparently have been lately], I agree completely with these thoughts). :nice:
  16. go 4.10's
  17. I got 410's rite know but am putting back in my 373's :shrug: If your worried about gas mileage 410's limit you on the highway.And besides that my 1/4 mile times were 2 tenths faster with my 373's!! But if your looking for head snapping hole shots a high speed torque converter is want you want :nice: It improved my hole shot dramatically,"even with stock gears"! And to answer your next question,Precision Industries (stallion) 2400 stall speed,,or Edge 3000 stall speed are the 2 best converters for stock 5.0's!!But if you get a conv. youll need a tranny cooler or your tranny will burn out :notnice: (70 bucks)
  18. Go with the 3:73's. I just installed them on my AOD. I don't think you will
    like the 4:10's if you do any sort of highway driving. I also insatalled an transgo shift kit. These 2 mods made a huge difference.
  19. With 3.73's I drive 65mph while taching @ 2200 rpm. I also get 23mpg combined.
  20. Probably the best advice I've heard in a while. Get the proper converter for getting off the line properly. Gear it to make best use of your 3 gears through the quarter.