Aod's With 3:73 Gears?

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  1. i have a 2005 mustang gt premium with headers tune exhaust intake and the like, the guy before ,e swapped out the stock 4.10's to 3.55's (have paperwork to prove it) any idea why he did this? would i be better off switching back to 4.10's? thanks
  2. Go with 3.73 axle gears and a ~2400rpm stall converter. It would be a nice upgrade over your stock 1800rpm converter.
  3. Just a rule for next time this is a 5 year old thread but worst of all in the completely wrong section
  4. It had a 7-year itch that needed scratching. ;)
  5. :flame:Rules of thumb
  6. Because 4.10s are worthless on a street car