apparently I'm gay for buying a v6

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  1. yes thats right i was told buy a focus svt owner that a v6 is gay. some how its not gay to own a i4 but it is to own a v6. oh and the svt focus will rip the v6 stang up too, but if you do the math the v6 is faster.

    i bought my v6 since it was all i could afford. plus insurance and gas prices. even if i could afford a v8 i wouldn have been able to afford all that. also i plan on doing stuff like adding a superchager but that all makes me gay too. cuz then i should ahve spent that money and got a v8.

    are people really this stupid? or do they just try to be internet tough guys?
  2. Just look at my signature and you will have your answer...and YES people REALLY ARE THAT STUPID. Congrats on your new car and post pics when you add the mods...or not. It only matters how YOU like the car.:nice:
  3. No shame, the new V6 Stang is def a sweet car.
  4. i must be REALLY gay, cuz mine is flaming hot red.
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  5. A Mustang is a Mustang; love 'em all. Be proud to own one of the best selling and most popular American cars....ever. :flag:
  6. :nice: Didnt even know I was gay. Thanks for telling me. Guess I will get a divorce and sell the drag car, Oh now I know why its called a DRAG car.:rlaugh:
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  7. There is v6 out there that make some serious power, All that matters is if you like it, Personally I would never buy a focus I think there ugly, But to each there own. Oh if your a$$ hurts you might be Gay, if not your good to Go:D
  8. F*** him!! I mean what do you care. A mustang looks way cooler than a focus hands down. Plus remeber this "you'll get more pun tang in a stang"!!
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  10. I'm sure given the choice anyone who is even remotely into cars would much rather have a V6 Stang over an econobox like the Focus. Sure a V8 would be nice but in the '6 you get relative fuel economy and lower insurance like you said along with a great looks and a legendary name. There aren't many cars that are so awesome they can stick around for over 40 years :D
  11. Hey..this gives me an idea for my next "mod". I gotta get a rainbow sticker for my V6.
  12. Oh crap the secret is out! I have been trying to hide it all this time not knowing my car told everyone I was gay. :bang:

    I guess I need to tell my wife...

    Oh man it is truly fascinating how stupid some people are. Most of the people that say that kinda stuff are just plain jealous that they don't have a car as nice as ours.

    Don't worry about idiots like that with out them who else would we have to talk about... :rlaugh:
  13. Everyone here is right - it's your car, you got what you wanted and are doing what you please with it. Don't listen to the ignorant fools negative commentary on engine size.

    Congratulations on the new car! :D

  14. There's no shame in buying what you can afford. There are alot of V8 owners out there that are pushing out their retirement because they stretched out their finances to buy it. Sure a V8 is kind of what a Mustang is all about, but for the price, the V6 Mustang is a bargain. And with gas prices the way they are, V8s are starting to become really impractical.
  15. Now wait just a darn minute!
    A V6 makes you gay?
    But I've been told that because my GT is Windevil Blue, that I'm gay, for basically having a chick's color on my car.
    I'm so confused.
    I guess if we all had Windevil Blue V6's, we would all be Sigfreid and Roy??

    LOL, enjoy your car.
    They can call you gay all they want, but you're going to have to see them doing it in your rear view mirror.
  16. No,.... "windevil blue" on a GT means you're a metrosexual. :p
  17. Deepinsleep, you should have saved the money from that rainbow sticker to put towards a V8!

    :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  18. darn. i have a v6 too.

    Reminds me of a great line from Seinfeld. "Im outted and I wasnt even in"
  19. Ahaha! :lol:

    I know a guy up here in Nebraska who has a Windveil Blue '05 Roush Stage 2 - the twin to mine but with better wheels. :D Most of the WV Blues I've seen running around have had guys behind the wheels...

    Sigfreid and Roys everywhere! Everywhere! :p
  20. That Focus owner is just projecting cuz he knows in a race, he'll be staring at your hind end and enjoying the view. Stock, you've got nearly a second on him in 0-60 times.

    If owning a V6 makes you gay (not that there's anything wrong with that)... then I'm as happy as can be!