apparently I'm gay for buying a v6

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  1. Why can't we all just get a long. I have a windveil blue V6. I have owned a 2003 Mach 1, torch red. Am I gender confused?
    Give me a break. A Mustang is a Mustang. Owning something else is gay.
  2. Wait, can't we all be...yeah...Mustangsexual?? :jaw:
  3. The V8 would get the same city, and better HWY than my V6 chevy does! but it's also 5 year old tech. So Im' down with the V8!

    The fact that someone publicly states it's gay says to me they're immature and seriously need to g row up.

    I have to be honest and say that yea I've THOUGHT the same thing about a few cars that I've seen around town. but I'd never harrass someone about it unless a friend in a jokingly manner. Otherwise just ignorant!
  4. I own a V6 and I dont smoke pole!
  5. This is all for joke right? There's no way the guy was serious. Seriously jealous maybe. That's what I'd be if I had a focus and kept admiring mustangs breeze by.
  6. Apparently the Gay Focus owner has not seen the 350hp Shelby V6.:hail2:
  7. yeah the cs6 is hot. maybe ill send my car to shelby and get it done. all the stuff they add is what i want to add anyway.

    yeah the kid was serious he thinks his 170hp 145tq 2800lbs focus will rip a stang with 210hp 240tq at 3400lbs. yeah hes lighter do the math tho. with all the torque the v6 stangs go it be no problem.

    i dont care what he thinks about my car and i told him that. i figured everyone might find it funny so i posted it.
  8. your only gay if it's an AT and a v6.................. j/k ;)
  9. Just remember, the mustang was originally targeted towards women and marketed as a secretarys car

    My example of a secretarys car
    347 ci
    340 rwhp, 335 rwtq
    6 speed transmission
    Hydraulic clutch
    and the list goes on..........


    Besides, gayness is in this year. Just tell the focus guy you "can't quit your Mustang"

  10. True Confessions

    When I originally was going to buy My Stang, I was going to get the V6...however, the salesman J.W., asked me what I planned to do with the car in a couple of years and I said " it's my baby and I'm going to keep it forever"! He then gave me ALL of the reasons WHY I should get the V8. J.W. is a car collector at heart and had the pics to prove he knew what he was talking about, the rest is past history and I got the V8 and have not regretted it. I like them both personally and most of the V6's Ive seen have been MEN driving them. I love this keeps me rolling with laughter at the responses from some of you...but it's also educated me about my car AND a lot of others on the road and yes I got the automatic...I don't need that MUCH more trouble power shifting, I'm in enough trouble locally as it is, they just KNOW they're going to catch me playing...:rolleyes: :hail2: :SNSign:
  11. I must have been gay and then turned strait cause I sold my gayness and bought a strait 5.0. I beet alot of gay ***s in thier focous's with my gay V6. Fuggen focous pocous.
  12. :rlaugh: that was good :)
  13. You should have told him your into **tch slapping and yelled "woooo" like Rick Flair and then said shouting "here it comes"!
  14. :rlaugh:
  15. You like that I just made it up. Kinda of a spurr of the moment type of thing. I like yelling out at the guys in thier 4 cyl cars with a fart can "you got an exhaust leak" or if it is any other type of car than a honda that is riced out I yell "nice honda" kinda pisses them off.
  16. You bought a V6??

    "Not that there's anything wrong with that....." :D
  17. Very true. It does show that VW owners are CLEARLY gay. Or at least the guy trying to show it off is.
  18. So basically you bought what you could afford and he bought what he could afford, but tell's you that your gay because you got a V6 and he got the econo rollerskate? I'd rather cruise around looking cool in a V6 Mustang then everyone thinking im some pimple-encrusted teen every where i go. Plus gay guys alway have lots of chicks hanging around them.:nice:
  19. Heck I own a V6 sTANG and I would not be caught dead stepping my foot in the door of a movie theater to see BrokeBack Mountain even if I knew there would be some Mustangs in it! Not that I am a phobe or anything, I just don't want to give my hard earned money to panty wastes. I know a little off of the subject here, but hey it is not gay to choose the little brother of the brotherhood!