apparently I'm gay for buying a v6

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  1. How do we know that THIS car doesnt (or didnt) have a 6 cyl.
    Looks like 6 cyl quarter panels to me................:D
  2. A Stang is a Stang and a SVT Fucus is still a Fucus:D Should have told that fool to have a coke and a smile and shut the #$%^ up:D :D
  3. he's just being a dick. Enjoy your new car :)
  4. Ummm... he was right. V6's are a joke and a waste of steel.
  5. Does responding to a 6 year old thread mean your gay?
  6. ^ He's not gay... just a little slow! :D
  7. a focus owner said that??? really??? I guess her daddy told her it was a better car
  8. Haha... wow! Pulled up a 6 year old thread just to talk :poo:. Things must be getting a little slow around here, these days.
  9. And if you were gay it would be hilarious f you told him omgosh thank you!! but ya I see more v6 mustangs on the road then anything brah. I even had one but still made it my own. True dual flowmaster exhaust, CAI, stripes, and some awesome looking window louvers, blacked out tail lights....A lot of people gave me compliments on how well I made my V6 look and sound. O ya and I painted my FLOWER wheels(LOL) black. Now I have a GT/CS and its a good step up. But I can also afford to help pay for it. Once Im out of college its allllllllll mine. to pay for and mod as I please. I just ask if you mod your car. keep it as subtle as possible. nothing to fancy. make the car flow like it came from the factory that way.
  10. The new 6er is 300+ ponies. It's absolutely an awesome car. That said, it's estimated more than 10 percent of the world is gay. That means 600,000,000 gay people in the world. You gotta figure there are more than a few members of that club driving Shelby's, Corvettes, Porsche Turbo's, Lambo's, Vipers..... There is NO SUCH THING as a gay car, except the mini cooper.....Flamin'

    EDIT: I did not realize this was years old. By the way the old cologne engine was at least a little swishy.
  11. If I remember right, the new V-6 has more HP than my '06 GT. If I were to buy a new Mustang, I world seriously consider a V-6 with the performance pak. With a lighterfront end and the good suspension pak, it would be a great road car.
  12. new v6 has less power than a GT slightly and less torque. and also less power to the wheels. It may come close, but theres still nothing like the growl of a v8
  13. I can't argue with you there Bro. I love my V-8.
  14. If you won a contest where you could pick between 2 different Mustangs.
    Which would you choose.......
    A. A new V6
    B. A new GT

    Answer B. dumba$$ !
  15. If you consider over 100hp and torque slight...well I dunno.
  16. I think he was comparing the numbers from a 06 GT and a new v6, 305hp and 280 tq for the '12 v6 and 300/320 for the 06 gt. I would bet with some work that torque number can be brought up to match the gt, the big difference then would be weight.
    If I were in the market I wouldn't count out a new 6er with some parts from MM or Steeda to make it a real nice road car. And if I needed more power there is plenty of after market for that.
  17. well, lets compare mid 70's Stangs to the new ones too...apples to oranges.
  18. meant 2011 v6 vs 05-10 GT
  19. Tha reminds me. racism is tought to children at a young age. youre given a problem solving question. the question has 2 apples and an orange and you must answer which one doesnt belong. silly educational system