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  1. I have a blue 2004 mustang. I already have a stereo system with subs, chrome rims, and side and back decals. How can I really top off the look of my car?

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  2. It really just depends on what you personally want. At the end of it all you like the look of your car then you did good. If I were you I wouldn't base my cars looks on other's opinions just because a lot of times (in my experience) I won't like what a lot of other people like. Say taking the spoiler off. A lot of people think that makes the car look smoother and much better, but personally I don't like it and I would never do that to my car.

    I guess if it were mine I would do a hood scoop, rear window louver, probably side window scoops/louvers. Dual exhaust probably. And maybe more decal work. But what really matters is what you want it to look like. No matter how it looks, not everyone in the world will like it.
  3. more pics please. from this view all i can see i would do is put a shorty antenna but i know some people like the stock one
  4. I have to say i do agree with Killian Korth its all your call on your personal look you want, and also the scoop, louvers, and exhaust are some things i have done or want to do, plus maybe some racing stripes
  5. Yes, I agree here. Personally, I also agree with your spoiler point. It just isn't the same without the spoiler...especially for a car of the style/year of yours. Mine as well, but not as much as yours.

    As for the original poster in this discussion,
    Try the hood scoop as mentioned. Also, try the old style blinkers in the back. The kind you see on the new ones where it starts on the inside of the car with one of the tail lights, then progressively moves outward. That's the best I can describe it...I know CJ Pony Parts has something to make your car do that. I imagine other places have that as well.
  6. Some racing stripes would make it look pretty good, although I personally would prefer the Mach 1 style stripe for that year. Either way it'd look pretty nice with one of the two.

    I don't think I would like the look of my car without that spoiler, lulz. Even if it is stock, it looks good I think.

    and you mean sequential tail lights? Those would be pretty cool, I thought about it for mine but I don't think I want to, it looks cool and all but for some reason I think it would give my car a bit of a ricey look with the other mods I'm planning.

    that is if I ever get the money to do any of the mods I have planned. :D
  7. Killian,
    Sequential taillights..that's the name. Couldn't think of it. Ya, the first time I saw them (last year) I thought they were the coolest thing ever lol.

    As for spoilers, I have a stock one. I just think the car looks too plain without it. Although, '94-'98 looks a lot better without a spoiler than a '99-'04 does (without a spoiler)...neither of which I'm a big fan of lol

    Speaking of plain, that's how I feel now whenever I see a plain white Mustang from '94-' can see why when looking at my avatar lol
  8. lulz, the whole 80's-90's generation of stangs were pretty plane jane looking for the most part, but a few stripes makes everything okay.

    Sequentials look good on some cars, I just wouldn't want to deal with them. I'll go smoked or something and I think that'll give me a good look. By the by I just started tearing into my motor today. Baby's getting a rebuild and hopefully she'll be running smoothly in a week or so.
  9. Ya...I'm not too bit of a fan of the 80's and early 90's Mustangs. Look like boxes...but, that is my personal opinion. Idk, of the 3 lights for each tail light, only the outer two on my year serve any purpose. The inner-most one on each side only turns on when the headlights are on. I think the sequential taillights would look good on my year of car
  10. I never used to like foxbodies much but I do have to admit they've been growing on me. The way I see it is that Mustangs always have design features that nobody else uses, and there's never another car that looks exactly like it (unlike GM with their camaro/trans am/firebirds) And even in that era where all the cars were basically sharp corners and straight lines they managed to make it look different from the rest. Even in the generic design they kept it......Mustang...ey........

    And yeah I think they would look pretty good on yours, especially with the red accents you have going on. It'd definitely spice it up a bit.
  11. Thanks to the 2nd part.

    Ya, before we got it, I wasn't a fan because it wasn't a "real" Mustang. Then we got it and I was all over it. Now I am the primary driver and love it. She's my baby so I get paranoid about the slightest things,

    Anyway, the red stripe was placed on there by the previous owner. It was in a head-on collision and was totaled. So the title is a salvage title. The only place you can tell it was in an accident before is in the frame (still bent, but drives good) and on the replacement air-bag covers where the paint is chipped to show the original color of the car they came from. As it was explained to me, his daughter was the primary driver and so he painted on the stripe after the accident (after fixing the car himself) so people could see his daughter coming.
  12. nothing wrong with a salvage title, I have a buddy that has a 2000's era GTO that's with a salvage title and there's nothing wrong with it, it runs fine.

    if it works, who cares what happened to it before :cool:
  13. I didn't say there was, but for some reason I felt it worth mentioning lol. Ya, only first noticed about the bent frame when putting on a chin spoiler and noticed it didn't fit as supposed to...not that we were gonna put it on as intended..but when lined up at center where we wanted it, there was more hanging off one side into the tire than the other...obviously this was before trimming it
  14. eh, that could have just been the spoiler itself. From what I've heard they're not really a perfect fit no matter where you line it up, but it could have been the bent frame too
  15. It was supposed to stick straight down from the front of the bumper, but my dad wanted it further back and kinda on an angle like on the 70's Boss..which is what it is. I suppose you are right could be either. You can't tell it is out of whack by looking at the it may not be
  16. that late 60 early 70 boss is a great design, your dad had a good plan with that haha

    as long as it looks presentable at the very least then it's all good :cool:
  17. Ya, it looks nice. Problem is when driveways in cities are made on too much of an angle...which doesn't just affect me tho. Always love the sound of a scraping shin spoiler/bumper (note the sarcasm)
  18. oh I got the sarcasm, lulz, I live in pretty much the middle of nowhere so that's not much of a hassle, nor would it be if I had a chin spoiler. Which I should probably get someday. The only thing I have to worry about is rabbits and :poo:.
  19. Ya. Well it isn't normally a problem...but when the tires are a little low it scrapes. Notice I said a little

    The right front tire I'm assuming was replaced after the accident. It is the tire on the car in the worst shape. It is the only one that is dry-rotting. It goes flat more than any other. As long as she is driven, it stays inflated. Notice there is one side of the car that isn't pictured in my avatar. That tire was flat in that pic, but you can't see it. It was in storage for the winter so it went flat, a lot.

    A little story: One time I didn't notice that it was flat. I thought that side looked low when I got in. Told my brother who was riding with me. He said "you are probably just not used to someone riding with you. My road is torn up for construction, so when the car was wanting to go right, I blamed the uneven road. 1/2 mile later, we get on the pavement and I knew for sure. We were only 1/2 mile out so I drove it back on that tire. (It wasn't completely flat, the rim wasn't on the ground or anything) the dirt had worn a trench into the sidewall of the tire. It is still just looks ugly, doesn't affect it tho.
  20. yep, tires are a ****. I've dealt with my fair share this year, replaced both fronts and one of the rear. Was a bit pricey but oh well, at least it's done and I won't have to do it again for a while.