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  1. Ya, 3 of mine are good, but its that front one. Problem: it isn't time for new ones yet, and they certainly aren't new. They are Cooper Cobra Radial G/T tires...with the raised white lettering. The trench on my sidewall is through the rubber, but not down to the chords...its this light brown layer making it obvious that something happened lol. We may have to get new tires later this year though...allegedly I may have to drive it this winter. Then again, that was going to be the plan for the past few years, but we managed to work it out so I could drive the van in the winter and store the Mustang. Storeage just involves being under a cover in my back yard
  2. I really like the stripes idea. Should I have them painted on or get the decals. But I have heard that there is some trouble with putting on the decals. Anyone have any experience with the decals?
  3. No, but from what I know, the only problem with decals is if you don't know how to do it.
  4. Okay thanks. I have already put on the side and back decals myself. So I should not have much trouble with them. Should I go 8, 10, or 12 in stripes?
  5. I guess I don't know what you that width?
  6. yes, you can have 8 inch, 10 inch, or 12 inch stripes. I think 12 inch would be a little too thick for my car
  7. Idk. What color are you going with?

    Whatever you do, construct a stripe pattern with paper before ordering...sort of a dry test. Start at 12", cut to see, or make all 3 to go back and forth
  8. okay, do you think i will have any trouble putting on the decals with the hood scoop? i can see having troubles and the stripes being altered.
  9. Not sure. I'd have to see a better pic
  10. meh, only one of my fronts were bad when I replaced them, I figured it was time and I'd rather just be done with it instead of having to deal with it again later. Just be cautious as hell if you do drive it in winter, I've been doing it for 3 years and it's never boring, I'm used to it by now but there was one day 2 years ago, the whole road was ice that was about 1/4 inch thick and I couldn't go more than 20 miles an hour without spinning all over. I live(d) 10 miles away from my destination, it was slow and painful.

    it's kind of fun though, makes you feel like a good driver.

    @bunzy, they should have a decal that takes a hood scoop into account. If not I would imagine that you'd have to cut it out some how.

    the only trouble with decals is that they wear out, I have a friend that has white Mach 1 decals and they're pretty sunburnt and peeling something terrible. If you don't store your car in a garage then painting would probably be better, albeit more expensive.
  11. I live in Michigan so we know how to handle winter driving (most of us anyway)...thing is, my dad owns the car and he'd want all 4 replaced. Problem is affording that when the government is barely giving me any $$ for school. I end up throwing out my savings to afford school while only taking the minimum amount of credits to be full time. I'm rambling again
  12. I know the feeling. I dealt with that last semester and this coming semester looks to be the same. My first year of college was paid completely, but I did take it easy. Last year I had to shell out quite a bit for books and one credit that I had to add later, but I'm going to a 4 year college this year so I'm not sure how it's going to work out financially. I guess I'll have to take a loan like everyone else, although I'd like to stay away from that. Hopefully I'll be able to save up enough, since my engine isn't going to cost as much as I thought it would I should have enough for this year.

    real life sucks man.
  13. Ya, mine is supposed to be a 4 year program. But I have to take so few credits, it'll be 5 years
  14. that sucks, you just working a lot then or just don't want to take a bunch of credits and get it over with?

    I've already done 2 years of Community college, I've got an Associates of Science already but I'm going for a Bachelor's now, I'm going to be a pilot.
  15. Ya. I'm in Criminal Justice. Supposed to be a 4 year program...I'll probably be in it for more. I'm a Zamboni Driver at my university...making 7.90 an hour...during the school year, I'm only allowed 26 hours per week
  16. ah I see, work study? I couldn't find anything I liked at my previous college for that, (it was all desk jobs) so I just went without, but going to a bigger place might change that. Just depends on what they need. 26 hours a week isn't bad if you're doing full time school too, it may not be a lot of dough but at least it's some.
  17. Thing is, if I go over 26 hours a week they cut back my loans. If I take less than 12 credits, they do the same thing. Ya, I'm at a University so they got $$ for that lol. My school was actually runner-up for the DI national championship in hockey this year.
  18. oh cool, yeah, before I was only at a small community college so there wasn't much to choose from. My new place has a hockey team though, Omaha if it makes any difference haha. Maybe your school will play them sometime?
  19. As in Nebraska-Omaha? We used to be in the same conference. Ferris State University.
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  20. haha yep, good ole Nebraska. I'm not a big hockey fan but I'm going to have to be when I go there. Can't hurt since this chick I'm going after likes hockey quite a bit, but hey maybe I can find some work Zamboni-ing :p lulz