Appearance mods for less than $150

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by PoXiC, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Here's what I'm working with... feel free to make suggestions.

  2. Can't do much for $150, but you could add some rear bumper letter inserts (I personally like black not chrome), Roush type rear bumper decal (fills in the recessed area at the bottom), snap off you radio antenna (free-bee), or interior mods.

    Not much else to do on the outside (already have the grill delete and chin spoiler I see...looks good by the way!). Maybe for $150 you'd be better off doing a K&N upgrade or some mild performance mod. Strut brace?

    Anyway, have fun with your $150 and like Ma' said, "don't spend it all in one place..."
  3. Some bumper inserts like previously mentioned, also may want to toss on some window tint..

    20% on your car = :nice:
  4. I think if i were you i'd save teh $150 and wait until i could afford new lowering springs. That's going to make the most difference in how your car looks and will give you better handling as well.
  5. I already blew about 6 grand on other stuff for this car... the pics are old. It's been lowered on Eibach Pros since then, plus a full exhaust (JBA shorties, bassani W/ cats, and flowmaster aftercat), heads P&Pd, 3.90s, 100 shot Nozzle, and a few other things... but other than the sound, it looks prety stock. I dont realy want to blow that much on show, and I'm just gathering ideas on what to do. I budgeted about $150 a month on apearance stuff.
  6. Window tints are a must!...makes the car look GREAT!
  7. you really need the tint :D
  8. paint the mirrors red and clearcoat them
  9. Tint, White bumper fill ins make all the difference, and maybe white pinstriping
  10. That sounds like a cool idea. How much would I need to sand them first? Paint recomendations?
  11. Does it have to be exterior appearance? If not you could get some billet aluminum pieces for the dash/doors or some aluminum pedals. Tint is another really good suggestion. How about a new leather steering wheel or a nice new shift knob? Maybe some pony logo carpet mats?
  12. Don't know about it, but maybe finding '03 Cobra ones in your paint color might be cheaper :shrug:
  13. Billet can look good, but I have the tan leather... so IMO i dont realy think it would mesh realy well. I wish I could do a cool shift knob, but it's an auto. And did '03 Cobras come in performance red? :shrug:

    I guess some tint and maybe a black racing stripe are what Im going for... but if you've got another idea, feel free tho share! :nice:
  14. Tint the windows or you could put on the 35th anniversary honeycomb trim panel for the back.
  15. leave it stripeless!!!... window tint, and paint mirrors!
  16. I 2nd that!! :nice:
  17. bumper inserts 12 bucks
    Magnaflow tips 50 bucks
    diff. emblems 50 bucks?

    then a night with a case and a nice dinner :banana:
  18. a case... :lol:

    Well I've got some real good ideas now.

    What about the interior? It's tan leather :shrug:
  19. $150 could pick up a couple of girls in cali, throw them inside and that should make your interior look better :)

    if you want interior, maybe floor mats? white gauges? shifter knob? :shrug:
  20. halo guages... they are pretty cheap and look unbelievable! maybe floor mats