Appearance mods for less than $150

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  1. I love chin spoilers!!! Love em love em love em!!! But no one ever seems to want to paint em. My suggestion is paint the spoiler. I dont know why people dont. Maybe theyre afraid of ruining the paint due to low ground clearance. But if thats their reason, then why buy the spoiler in the first place?
  2. i think they look good unpainted :shrug:
  3. Yeah, they still look good, better than nothing, but I feel they would look better painted.
  4. Take off the factory wing, fill in the holes and paint it. I always thought it looked out of place on the coupe mustangs.
  5. you could paint the interior pieces red. like the door handle bezel areas, the trim around the radio and shifter, and the gauge bezel. or you could call up UPR and get a trim kit for about $160(i'm sure you could scrounge 10 bucks from somewhere).
  6. my buddy read a article about shortning the factory antenna somewhere. chopped it down even with the top of the roofline. free and the mustang looks better now and still gets the same reception it did before.he also put flame graphics on his taillights.looks kinda cool at night and wasnt very expensive for them.

  7. Chin spoiler is too pliable to get a good paint job. If you get the paint to stick, it will likely crack and flake off. It's just too flexible.

    Make it stiff and it breaks with the slightest curbing :bang:

    Make it pliable and paint won't adhere :bang:

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't ...
  8. 1. take off your front license plate
    2. honeycomb panel for the rear
    3. window tint
    4. get a black spoiler
  9. Tech article here >>>>