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  1. Hey guyz..just needed some input/opinions on some appearance mods that i am considering...I am thinking of putting some stripes on my that goes on the hood and stretches out to the back of the car...would it look right on my green stang...which color?? And another mod was a smoked head light...tell me what u think??
  2. On green? silver, or white racing stripes. If you choose to do so, PLEASE cover the entire car with em. That means, if you have a coupe, hood, front and bacl bumper, trunk lid, spoiler, AND top. Having just the hood and trunk lid covered only looks weird.
  3. Hey pjdellenger80 how bout you take your GT and shove it up your Culo and seeing if it fits.
    We have the V6 because of insurance. personally I dont want to fork out over 7 grand a year for insurance, im already paying 5400 a year for my 02 v6
    Your making a joke :notnice: forget-a-bout-it
    You talking **** i ll buy you a plane ticket over to the east bay just so i can whoop your azz

    oh and by the way... You gotta green mustang, gotta go with black stripes
  4. hey double there is no reason to get mad. Its okay you cant afford a real car thats okay it will be alright i promise. i pay $150 for insurance that isnt much. You have a v6 ricers say hello to my 3.8 little friend what are you going to beat a neon. How are you going to afford the plane ticket you can barely afford the v6
  5. yo pj.. hes asking for exterior advice. You wanna rag on me instead? I have half the engine and would line up to u anytime.

    Go with the black stripes.. look bad azz on the green. Smokes a definitly on the green. clean look
  6. He asked what color racing stripes, not what cars he can beat, or if his car is fast. If you dont wanna answer it, get the frick out of the thread and don't post anything at all. You must be like 16 years old or something, and if you respond with "no im 35", it makes you even worse, cause you have the maturity level of a 12 year old.

    btw, my vote is silver stripes
  7. whatever yall he started ragging on my so im ragging on him . i have a mach 1 hood stripe so dont think i need stripes what are you talking about stripes that fo all the way back to my spoiler or just on my hood and im 23. I will smoke a gsx awd spyder stock of coarse.
  8. how much would it cost to do all this???
  9. Oh, so all that BS about getting a gt was because of what "I" said? Cuz I was the one talking about stretching the stripes all the way covering the entire car. Mostly cuz the thread starter talked about doing it to other places than the hood. (so, obviously not about you) Those mach 1 hood stripes you cant do anything with. We were talking about the obviously aftermarket racing stripes. The ones that run parrallell down the car. The only two stripes I've seen that only appear on the hood only, come at an angle, which means covering the car completely wouldnt work.

    Its just that I'll see so many people doing this appearance mod that they just stop on the hood and trunk lid. I wanted to make sure I didnt get to see another. And its not just mustangs, its any car that goes for stripes, they just completely forget they own a bumper. Course, one time it was because that wasnt even their bumper. Got replaced with something of a different color.

    And about a v6 mustang only being able to beat a neon... ...some mustang enthusiast you are! My stang beat a camaro! So whatever stock thing they had, my stock v6 beat it. Shouldn't that be somewhat impressive? I'm sure ford would enjoy the fact they they finally did something right. Thing is you appeared incredibly ignorant posting those three stupid words. "get a gt?" Know how rediculous that sounds when we are discussing exterior appearance mods? Especially when he limited the discussion to stripes. Talking about body kits would even seem insane in this topic. And another thing, youre posting in the 6 cylinder area... ...So dont be shocked when a bunch of v6ers get a little defensive when you post stuff like this.

    And why get a gt? really? why not swap it with something impressive? like the '94 5.0 cobra engine? or hell, something not even powered by ford? If we want to pay more for performance we'll never use, believe me, we are going to shop around a little.

  10. wow, you can beat a high 14s, low 15s car. congrad-u-****in-lations. go buy a cobra. :rolleyes: :notnice:
  11. get a gt they look better
  12. Winter sucks! Sounds like cabin feaver is settling in!

    As far as the Teal Green goes, I think that is a somewhat nutral green color, I forget. I would say either white, silver, or even black stripes.

    Some like to just do the hood with stripes ( I forgot to see what year you had). If 94-98 you can just do the front of the hood with smaller stripes moving toward the back to fat stripes.

    If you have a 99+, then there are many options for you. You could just run the stripe that only fills in the area in front of the scoop, or you could run a single fat stripe from bumper to bumper. What ever you do, DON'T run a fat stripe with two little tiny stripes on either side. That is so Chevy!

    I personally like to see stripes go all the way down each bumper ending up underneath. The only decision then is where to end the rear bumper stripe so as not to go over the MUSTANG embossed on it. You could even stop at the bumper and get vinyl for the embossed part, and then even get something for the indented area at the bottom of the bumper as well (rear valance). That looks hot!

    Except for a vert, always run stripes over the roof! And always stripe the spoiler as well, or I think that looks retarded without it.

    Depending on where you live, you might be able to get it done for you for about $200-300. Make sure you take it somewhere where others have had it done as well. I've seen some pretty crappy "professional work" done before, and there's nothing more embarrasing than driving around with your stripes flapping in the breeze, like your car took a crap and came out of the bathroom with toilette paper stuck to it!

    You could even do it yourself, which would mean getting the vinyl yourself, cleaning the areas with isopropyl alcohol VERY GOOD and consider using a clay bar or wax stripper first, and putting down guide lines with painter's tape to make sure you have a straight regerence point. Also, it is best to do this during a hot summer day as the vinyl adhesive will setup much better on a hot surface.

    If you do it yourself, use lots of soapy water so you have plenty of mess around time with it.

    Also, look for some how-to's on this online. Maybe Mustang World has something?

    EDIT: Almost forget. Make sure if you have soeone else do it, that the run the stripe all the over the edges of the hood and seams. Don't let them stop short of the edges or it will look cheap!
  13. Geez man, you sound like my 12 year old brother! "they look better?" How so? the side emblems say "gt" on em? oo, 10 bucks on ebay, and I can have those if I really need it. My 12 year old brother kept saying he wanted a cobra, not a mustang. And I keep pointing out cobras to him saying look, look, just like mine! Since hes 12, he doesnt know what engines in it, or cares. The only thing I think he may be against is having little girly ponies all over the vehicle instead of manly snakes. But other than that, SAME LOOKING VEHICLE!
  14. i have a black bumper decal inserts...and wouldnt it be a good compliment with black stripes...not the silver strips???
  15. Haha, that's funny. What does a 2002 GT go for now, like $16k maybe? How much did you pay for it new? $25,000k? That's gotta suck, you lost like, 10 grand in two years. I would've gotten a GT, but I wanted a car that actually HAS a resale value. Besides, it probably doesn't bother you because your parents probably bought the car FOR you since they were so proud you got accepted to community college.

    I dunno man, $150 a month for insurance at your pay is going to keep you assembling Big Macs for a long long time.
  16. 'im 23' sounds a whole lot like 'im sayin im 23 because if you new i wuz just 17 youd rag my poor never-got-none-never-will azz even harder'

    Maybe in a straight line. Besides, what if he had the spent the same amount on his mods as you had? Give me a GSX AWD Spyder and $2000 and I'll give you a car that'll be at the finish line before you're halfway down the track.
  17. Why? So I can be just like you? I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I were conceited, ignorant, and flunked out of school before learning what punctuation marks are. I guess I could spend my time making stupid statements on message boards in a desperate attempt to make myself feel better by pretending to everyone else that I can't be as miserable as I really am because, after all, I have 2 more cylinders and $100 more per month in car payments than they do, all the while feeling horribly depressed because I know now that even if you give an ignorant bastard a faster car than anyone else, it won't compensate for the fact that they'll probably be slow, stupid, lonely, and devoid of personality for the rest of their life.

    You know what PJ? Having a GT doesn't make people admire you or want to be you. It just means you'll end up killing yourself that much quicker. Well, that's natural selection for you. "Hey, let's take this guy that can't even spell the word 'course', and we'll give him a fast, unstable car and an inferiority complex!

    I also wanted to take a look at a few 6 cylinder cars that would completely own your GT in a real race. The Toyota Supra only has 6 cylinders, so does the Nissan 300Z and the 350Z, and the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4. The Buick Grand National is a 6 cylinder, so are the Thunderbird Supercoupe and Turbocoupe. Hmm, oh, yes, the Subaru Impreza WRX STI only has 4 cylinders, as does the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. And you know what else? The Mazda RX-7 and RX-8 would kick your butt, and they've only got 2 cylinders each!
  18. Oh, and definitely black on the stripes if you've got the black bumper inserts.
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