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Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by M9rkym9rk112, Feb 2, 2004.

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  1. I'd say silver stripes would look best with a green car, but the black stripes might go better with your overall car.

    As for the GT's looking better... I would rather not have my giant fake hoodscoop and sidescoops. I'll fix those problems eventually with a different hood, sidescoops, and side exhaust so I'll go get a V6 bumper, too :nice:
  2. Hey pjdellenger80
    Listen you back woods hill billy
    piece of **** white trash punk
    I know you cant afford a plane ticket so why dont you saddle up the mule and get you sorry little GT over to the bay area need I remind you of how many people were killed last year in Oakland, now there up to 11 (thats more than your state sees in a year)
    You wanna take this out in the street lets do it I got plenty of cars thatll smoke your GT
    You dont know what I got under my hood...
  3. back on subject........ I think the green with silver would be sweet......might even be able to get away with white stripes (maybe), but I'd have to see it. You could get on the Virtual Body shop here on stangnet and they'd be able to work something up for ya with a bunch of different colors to see what you like best.

    And just for the record......I've smoked a couple of GT's and older cobras
  4. Oh pjdellenger80 ,
    That whole thing about me not being able to afford my car, buddy ive owned 5 mustangs and all of them are all paid for. I dont spend all my money on cars either I invest it, so my money works for me.
    I am an a/p mechanic I work on aircraft engines. I make more money than you can imagine. I just finished rebuilding a engine for a Lycomming. I can by a Mustang GT every month how much are they not under 20k last ive seen and by the end of the year they would be all paid off.

  5. actaully I paid $21,000 for it brand new. My car is worth more like $18,000 plus with all i got on it i could sell it for more to some teenager So theres your resale. just say it you would of gotten a gt but you couldn't afford it.
  6. eclipses sux lol
  7. dude your a loser!
    i just feel like talking to pathetic loser like you.

    by the way learn your car info man. rx-8 would not have a chance and a thunderbird please. The reast of the cars cost way more than mine and why would i want to spend 10,000 more dollars for a car when mine can hang with them. lol

  8. lol loser i live on the coast 11 people lol. That shows how stupid you are
    yo im a oakland gangster! what up geezy for sheezy. Man your v6 suxs ha
  9. double t whatever makes you sleep better. You have a v6, your a loser
  10. Yeah so u get ripped a new one every day.. thats FINE. Keep your biast opinions to yourself. Your not gaining kudos talking trash so just keep it shut and accept the inevitable.... thats as far as im gonna go there.
  11. Listen PJ
    Alot of people can talk s**t,
    but thats all it is, is talk
    so if your gonna keep flapping your big lips u might want to find somewhere else to flap, because we aint got NO LUV for you.
    It aint hard to see that you went out and had daddy morgage the house so u can have your whittle GT because you got a small dic.
    Girls can see that your press to hit it so they dont F*** you,
    All you do is think your the s*** but i got news for you buddy,
    your s*** stinks.
    So unless you want to get your ass beat, tell home boy what color stripes he should get or race one of us i suggest you make like michael jackson and BEAT IT.
    ***OH by the way if you have a green car you NEED the black stripes, whats all this BS about silver stripes, go with black
  12. Man this guy is claiming to be 23 and he spends all day ragging on v6 mustangs, telling people that theyre losers lol and crap like that, get a life little man.
    Hey guys notice all the crap this punk has on his car ///exterior-xenon ground effects kit,carbon fiber euros, hood vinyl,tinted windows\\\ that looks like all rice rocket stuff to me.
    Not only does this punk have to build up his ego by talking crap to v6 mustang people, had his parents buy him a GT cause he hasnt gotten laid and has a small you know what
    But he aint even sure if he wants a rice rocket or a muscle car.
    boy im done with you
    get the F**k out
  13. Black all the way man! :banana:
  14. thats right
  15. Survey says: The guy is 12 years old and is claiming that the GT is his when it's his neighbor's dad. I've got a 5.0, my dad has a 5.0, my brother has a 5.0 and they're not conceited pricks saying that V6's suck.

    I never have understood that....people always knock on the V6 until the see that I'm getting 30 mpg and blow their doors off.
  16. It's pretty sad to see that a NOOB like pjdellenger80 has taken up this guys entire thread with needless shat talk. Good job buddy :nice:

    Don't just join this forum and think you are all high and mighty for I assure you that you aren't.

  17. Thats just stupid. I could talk about how much $$$ I've put into mine. I could also post up a dollar amount too... ...but that just what its worth to me. The number means nothing. If it got into a wreck, insurance will only pay the resale value of it stock, and believe me, thats not much. And as for selling it to some teenager. You're not gonna make any profit, you'll come up negative.

    Sure, I have had tons of people say they wanted my car. Had people want to trade their harley, and SUV for it. Butcha know what? NO ONE is going to buy it for the amount I put into it. A stock car sells more than a suped up one. Ask anyone.
  18. glad i got your tempers going lol my car looks so good
    man that might sound conceited o well
    girls man i could still yours away if i wanted too! double t aka loser
    i got the looks and a big one 9 inches
    man that might sound conceited too!
    mabye i am conceited....nah!
    i had a v6 they suck get a gt a older one bout 2001 or 2002 you will be pleased
    v6 mustang suck you have to put nice looking rims on them,the hood scoops and side scoops look oh so much better on a gt you have to get those. the gt comes with mach stereo system, 6 disc changer, leather seats, leather wrpped steering wheel, power seats, tractin control, fog lights. the list goes on man and the stripes there ugly dont get them oh yeah lets not forget about the suspension, transmission, and the engine. just get a gt yeah! gt
  19. packin mad heat under my v8 .... v6's
  20. Does this make any sense to anyone else? Are you sure you're not 12? cuz if you arent you seriously need to consider reading over your posts before you submit.

    "Girls, man, I could STEAL yours away if I wanted TO"
    "Girl's man, I could still. Yours is away. If I wanted also?"

    Take it from a girl, unless she was super really drunk and you slipped her some rufees, are you EVER going to get a girl. and that IS considered rape. No wonder you hafta fix up your crappy GT, its the only thing you have that MIGHT possibly get you some action. Despite it not working yet. I don't know what you look like psyhically, but I know I'm really turned off by people who can't even arrange simple words to make a sentence. Who would ever want to sleep with you? My god! Think of the children! What horrible offspring! Keep running into the wall "duh..."

    What are you doing with your mother's didlo?!? Sicko!

    "HAD" keyword, "HAD" They only suck in your opinion because you totaled yours. It takes skills to type. It takes skills to drive. You unfortunately have neither. You got a GT thinking that the insurance would write you a bigger check when you screw up a second time.

    What? You mean the non functional scoops? Thats the one thing about 99-04 stangs that I never understood. Why on earth did they put a solid honeycomb grill on it? What about airflow man?!? People pay big bucks for ram air. And rather than upgrade the stang, they decreased the airflow? Whats up with that?!?

    And besides, just about any stock rims look weird. I have 17" chrome cobra Rs on mine. Yes, it does make the car look 10 times better, but guess what, everyone has em! Does the GT even come with those? no, hafta get em aftermarket just like us.

    Those are all options, stupid options. I have a 12 disk changer, and power seats. And I'm sure that leather is real nice when its 110 outside, imagine what its like inside the car. Also, I'm sure its real nice once it ages 3 more years, cracks all over it, all because the owner's too stupid to know he must take care of such things. I could get fogs on mine. I could install any of that crap. With the money I saved by not getting a GT I can take mine to car shows and have a row of brand new bullets oo and ah over my car.
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