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Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by M9rkym9rk112, Feb 2, 2004.

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  1. Sounds like you need radiator coolant! I knew you knew nothing about cars. I'm gonna laugh my ass off when that over heated GT cracks. Yeah, it'll beat my v6... ...if you push your stalled gt off a cliff. :owned:
  2. "Take it from a girl, unless she was super really drunk and you slipped her some rufees, are you EVER going to get a girl. and that IS considered rape."

    Kinda reminds me of the Sublime song, "Date Rape".

    I think it's time for a mod to whip out the ban-o-matic

  3. mabye i will read over my post. I actually have a beautiful girl right now and she's bad azz, but anyway that doesn't really matter. I had a v6 because my best friend totalled it. Thank god! v6 mustang are ugly, cheap, and are way to slow 15.7 in the quarter mile. I make plenty of money, im a server. Do you need some money i'll send it to your poor azz. My stock rims are 17 inch torque thrust and look sooo good, unlike your rims. My xenon kit makes my mustang look so good, i turn so many heads. Not to sound conceited, but It looks good. The car should after the money i put into it. I keep my car clean as can be. Those seats will last forever. Dont hate you don't have leather, i promise its okay...loser. your car sucks end of story
  4. double T its your turn to type something and hurt my feeling?. I guess you are on your paper run, maing 2.15 an hour. Do you need a job gangster from oaktown. I sharded i tryed to shi!, but i farted. I got to go, my baby is coming over later!

    ps: get a gt for the last time all of you

    or... keep your v6 ive been just playing with all yall anyway, Mustangs a mustang, v6 or not. I just like my gt so much more than the v6, if you ever want a new car get one promise you won't regret it. I guess if you hook your stang up right it could be pretty cool, just giving you guys a hard time lol. im going back to the 4.6 forum
    later much love to ya
  5. Translation:
    Ugly - Looks just like the GT I talk so highly off, only doesnt have "gt" embossed in the bumper

    Cheap - Economical. One of the best sports cars in its price range.

    Slow - 15.7 is actually a good number considering. Plus every 100lbs you take off the car takes off a 10th of a second. Which means it probally ads a 10th of a second for each 100lbs you're carrying. In other words, if you and whoever you paid to pretend to be you girl could possibly add enough weight to the vehicle, that I could possibly beat you. Its like real jockeys, the smaller the rider, the faster the horse. And these are, after all, mustangs

    Really? so is my computer! Do you have wires coming out of your ass too? Actually, just kidding... ...Server huh? what do you serve? drinks? tennis balls? humanity? I gotcha, have to be a servant in order to afford the payments. I OWN my car, how many payments do you still have?

    So your basically saying that 17x9 and 17x10.5 chrome cobra r rims are ugly? Funny, you're the first. I've had people shout out their car windows that they loved them. Maybe it explains why so many of us have them.

    My car sucks? I have a body kit, you have a body kit. Infact, why is it that if v6s are ugly and gts are so good looking that you felt you NEEDED a body kit in the first place? And cant I get the same kit for a v6? Hell yeah! Infact, when I went to pick up my front bumper, they were confused and almost gave me the xenon it looked so similar.

    With the money I saved NOT getting a 02 gt, I can fix my up my engine to where it would beat cobras! not just your silly gt. Havent you heard about that 400+v6 stang? I chose to get a house instead. How many 20 year olds can say that? You however still live with mommy and daddy.

    And besides, I've seen 92 stock 4 bangers "turn heads" Infact, I bet a geo metro with white smoke coming out of its tail pipe turns heads. Or maybe its your annoying flowmasters that turn heads. Yeah, I'm sure when you start your car in the morning everyone within a 5 mile radius turns heads. Wonder why they always look mad? Trust me, its not because theyre jealous.
  6. The Xenon kit is pretty hideous if you ask me. Guess you didn't have enough money to buy yourself a real body kit and not the ABC exclusive :rolleyes:

    My V6 ran a 15.3 when it was 100% stock. But hey, it's not in the 9's yet. :rolleyes:

    And if you think your GT is pretty quick, you can race my buddy in his SVO. Wait... it's only got 4 pots of fury. :p
  7. First off there is only a slight difference between the V6 suspension and the GT's and that is to compensate for the extra wheight, and also traction control and ABs are for people who can't drive.
  8. Very very true. I can order a premium six with all that stuff listed above. So just keep talking Noob.

    Like said above, the suspension isn't that much different. I assure you that I would own your GT through every corner in existance.

    The sixers and V8's share the same auto. But not the five speed. Big deal though.

    For for Christ's sake, get some grammar skills man.
  9. Well, my house was $160,000 (and change), my VW Jetta GLS was $24,000, my Ford Explorer Sport 5.0 V8 AWD Limited was $34,000 (fully loaded), and my v6 Mustang Convertible costs as much as your v8 coupe does. So tell me more about what I can't afford. Oh, a month ago I was 23, too. Man, if only I'd bought that GT.
    Oh, that's right, I remember now... blowing past cops at 80 mph in a 4 door Jetta and never having them look twice. THAT'S why I didn't get a GT. It'll kick your butt on any road with curves in it, too. So will my project car, a '92 Stratosphere Blue Mercury Capri. Yep, it's a 4 cylinder, and only 8,000 were made in '92.
  10. The RX-8 makes 238 hp stock on a 1.3L engine and does the quarter in low 15's, again, stock. Now if they spent as much on mods as you had? Again, they'd be faster. Wonder how much a 4.6L rotary engine would put out? Or one with 8 cylinders?

    The only way you could hang with these cars is if you parked next to one at wal-mart. Or don't they have those yet in Pearl Necklace, Mississippi?
  11. 9 inches? What, are you counting yours and your boyfriend's together? Admit it, the reason you don't WANT to 'still' everyone's girls away is that you and your man are busy watching Justin Timberlake videos and listening to Backdoor Boys albums.
  12. whats walmart?

  13. your just mad cause your working with 5 inches. Its okay! just bring your woman this way boom chica boom boom

  14. man you really are a loser arent you?. You don't have to make stuff up to sound cool and your jetta sucksman. A jetta, give me a break get that sh!^ out of here. lol
  15. ummyeah ok your v6 is slow. My sh!^ looks better than your car and i just ate chinese.
  16. So, you're a waiter? I think for the next week whenever I eat anything out, I'll send it back and not even tip. After all, you got that kick azz girl back, didn't you?
  17. Slow... ...wanna hear slow? How bout all those Lexus and Infinities with 300+ hp. They never brag about their engines... ...know why? Cuz they are ALWAYS the last to leave an intersection. So much HP, so much money wasted, and for what? So a v6 can leave an intersection at 1500RPMs and seem like it floored it without trying. Its all about the driver. You're so high and mighty talking about your GT believing you're better than everyone. I bet ya that YOURE the slowpoke I pass everyday. The SLOWPOKE last to leave when the light turns green... ...too busy on your cell phone or jacking off to even be aware that you're actually DRIVING a car. Know whats so funny about passing people at 1500RPM when the light turns green? passing people when I'm obeying the law. Thats right, obeying the law. Explain that! Do they have a crappier car? I'm sure they would disagree.
  18. The west coast of Mississippi? Hate to tell you man, that's just a river. You'd know that if your badly modded POS GT Mustang could make it over the 2 mile bridge without breaking down. Lucky someone's got a v6 nearby to give you a ride to the bus stop. If you're going to lie, you should at least try to make sure it ain't obvious.
    Even Oakland gangsters don't spell it 'gangster' you poseur. What are you, like, one of 'Malibu's Most Wanted'? One of Snoop Dog's ****es could kick your ass. Quit even pretending you have a real car and go pull a squirt gun driveby on your 10-speed.
  19. "boom chica boom boom?" I can't believe you're trying to pretend that you're straight while quoting Ricky Martin. I'll bet you have his first pair of Mouseketeer ears. Try to get the stains off before your mom comes back from her street corner though.
  20. I don't need to make things up, did you want me to take a picture of the cars in my driveway? That Jetta's more than I need to kick your ass in a real race, like, anything with curves in it. But we all know you're all about 'drag' though. By the way, quit saying you came in first at the drag strip, when you really mean you were came in first at the drag show. It's NOT the same thing
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