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  1. What's his name: Kwan? Yoshi? We don't need to hear about your love life, man.
  2. I personally think it's freaking hilarious to see where the V8 guys have to come into a V6 forum, and the real pricks come into the II forum and stir up some sh(t with the regulars. When I was riding with the PowerTour I sure didn't see no GT's all I see was the Green Bullitt, with the dude wearing a cowboy hate, and we gave the Berger Camaros a helluva run. For some of these assanine people to come in here asking why you wanna mod a V6, why do you want anything to look good. Apparently some people aint' got pride. This post was start by someone asking a serious question, sadly it was railroaded by a prick, with a much larger ego than any of us will ever have (fortunately) The funny thing is from what I've seen of the V6 forums, this group in general has a little better knowledge of what's going on in the entire automotive market, from base models to possible shelby stuff. Everyone in here has pretty much bought and paid for their own stuff, and does pretty much all of their own work. How many of the V8 guys can say the same?? And if PJ whatever he is wants to bring his ragged out GT up to NW TN, I burn him up wit my bone stock 92GT with 180K on the clock. Maybe next time 98CobraClone comes to visit, we could make a weekend of it and really embarass him with that V6.
  3. Sounds like a the race track of course

    Also, it's really funny how that PJ guy is talking so much smack when he's only 23 years old. Dude, go through the full stages of puberty and then tell me what car to drive. It's not a question of what car looks better, which one performs better, etc. The fact of the matter is that my V6 costs less, runs more efficient, gets better mileage, lower insurance, and sometimes a lower ET than GT's or Cobra's.

    Quote from PJ "Hi, I'm a f**ktard who just got a job as a server at El Gato Mexicano Restaurante, would you like to see the menu? I just got a new car that my parents helped me buy, because the people here don't tip worth a crap. I'm so proud of the car, I got Euros and a kicking system. Before long, I'll be putting fuzzing dice and tassles all along the roofline."
  4. dude, I think somebody needs more anger management than me, you need to tell that girl to let set steam off of you, if you know what I mean, hehe

  5. man you need the read the forums. I was talking to double t , not about myself. and the coast is not on the west by a river, what the **** are you talking about. Mississippi Gulf Coast.

  6. i love ricky martin man!. Your jetta would not have a chance. So what if its from wheel drive. I know how to drive my car, it would be impossible for you to me a gt in any race. Thee only time you would see me is at the start of the race
  7. he he he he he ha ha ha ha ha it so funny
    i ate mexican today and my sh!^ looks like yalls v6 mustangs wonder why? :uzi: v6 mustangs
  8. He may not of known, or did, and still felt you needed to be made fun of. The fact is, if you're quoting someone, or even making up a fake quote, please try to use quotations. But its so difficult for you to spell, asking you for punctuation is a tad bit greedy.

    Since you failed to quote someone in the proper fashion he was joking about the coast mississippi has. We all know where the gulf coast is. But when you were joking about a 'west coast', Richter decided to make fun of MS's west coast, and yes, there is one of some sort. He basically took the MS river shoreline which is WEST, and joked about it being your coast.
  9. I just put on my mac off road h pipe, man my car is fast!
  10. Didn't you just say that a while back about chinese?!? Man! get original! Other than this, you're calling everyone "losers." Time to expand your vocabulary! Hey you ESL drop out, didnt you know the english language has like 50 zillion synonyms for the same thing you repeat here everyday. Oh, I'm sorry, syn-no-nym.... not only can define that word for you, but also has a thesaurus to look up other words related to "loser."
  11. You did that youreself?! Wow, you have a lift, a welder, and now a car that isn't street legal.
  12. fyi, mac has a tru fit cat back and h-pipe setup, direct bolt in, no welding required because of the flange designs, I'm looking into to one for my GT, however I like the though of saying my car has a sound system by Hooker
  13. I didn't bother reading past the half-way mark of the 2nd page but I'll say this; a mustang is a mustang. Sure they have different options, engines, etc. but obviously everyone that posts on a mustang message board is in some form or another an enthusiast. Shouldn't matter what the engine size is, just leave them be and let them enjoy having what we're all here for: THE MUSTANG!

    I apologize for V-8 owners who think they are better than everyone else, because they're not. :notnice:

    Anyway, get the silver....... :nice:

  14. I think it's a place where they sell stuff for walls....
  15. Yeah I was wrong on that one I was thinking v6, but he still has a non-streat legal car.
  16. Lets not knock on little PJ here guys,
    hes 15 working part time @ Ranchy Ricks Diner, he may not make a whole lotta money, but what his parents give him for allowence really helps. We cant blame him either for greatly admiring his fathers car, after all it is a Mustang. Some day it might even be his and he'll put BlowMasters exhaust and a body kit on it.
    I dont know why he thinks I dont have money min. wage in CA is 8.25 and i work on aircraft engines so i assure you guys i make quiet a bit more than that, Did i not say I pay over 5 k a year for insurence, own my own house, and my cars all paid for.
    Son if your momma thinks im gonna pay her for the service i provided, shes gottanother thing comming.
    So tell yo daddy to put the 40 down, get his fat ass off the sofa (there will be reruns of jerry springer) and give you a good ol fashion azz whooping.
    And you guys, people like PJ who live in hicksville Mississippi, consider their sister to be there girl friend, they dont know the difference.
    Double T putting the Lock Down on Chumps like PJ :lock:
  17. FYI
    Oaklands Homicide for 2002- 113
    as of 02.05.04 - 11
    PJ wanna come play,
    me and my friends we'll take real good care you
  18. that's probably the quickest way to keep him from using his Daddy's car as his own, but not the best.

    I'd just much rather see someone more deserving get the car, and get this guy to shut his trap.

    Back on subject, Green or silver stripes
  19. Not sure about the stripes.

    But why has no one picked up on the fact that PJ has Queertazzas?
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