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  1. 98CobraClone, take a digital pic sometime of that Green 94 GT in ripley, with the silver stripes. I actually looks good with that color combo and I think it may be the same green that dude is talking about

  2. Anyone else here think this guy drives a '91 Honda Civic Si with V-TEC written all over it? GT's aren't all that bro, I had a 2001 and to tell the truth, all it did was suck more gas than my six does and cost more on insurance..but you wouldn't know anything about that because if you really have that car, which u don't, but for the sake of argument, I'm going to say you do, then 1. You obviously have no taste in style saying that they look better than the Cobra. 2. You're the stereotypical V-8 muscle jerk that's the entire reason why I HATED having a V-8..having to converse with people like you, and 3. That car isn't in your name and your dad would be very upset with your attitude if not for the fact he's probably just as bad as you. You know, I don't like doing personal attacks, but you really deserve it :chair: Why don't you stop modding your car and start saving up for some glasses? Maybe then you can read that this is the V-6 forum, and you need to take yourself to the big-headed-ego-driven-jock section, or 4.6L for short...oh, and by the way, the 5.0 foxbody was a much better GT anyway and if you're going to talk trash, you should probably have a car that's got more horsepower than a Nissan family sedan. :owned:
  3. As for the question of stripes, I have to say...on green, I'm not really feeling them, but it's really up to you. If you decide to do it, I'll have to agree with the general population's suggestion that you do the whole car and not just the hood and decklid..that looks really tacky 2 me. :cheers:
  4. Take a digital picture of your car, download it on your computer
    then use photoshop or adobe ... and draw black stripes, silver strips ect.
    what ever looks best go for it.
    if you do the stripes, you have to start them at the front bumper, go over the hood, then the roof, and then rear deck lid and finally rear bumper.
    Please dont do a 1/2 ass job
    Im telling u black will look hot
  5. Wow... this thread wasted 3 pages of nonsense about v6.. I am not pleased with that PJ guy at all.. He should not own a mustang.. But there are many people out there that always look down at the car that "THEY" think that are not worthy to them.. I will always respect a mustang even if it has 4 cylinders in it..

    Back to the topic.. I don't know about stripes.. but how about ghost flames? Might cost a tad more.. but you're be a lot more happier than the stripes I guarantee you.

    P.S. Where's Sleeper when you need him? :nonono:

  6. It is so sad to see peaple like you. Thinking your car is cool!. Yeah, you have a v6 and they are slow, cheaply made, and are nothing like a gt. What are yall talking about, it is not even the same engine. My car gets great gas. Not much worste than my v6 i owned. I used to be like yall, thinking my v6 was something. The v6's sux end of story. Get a gt man !... what is wrong with yall, your cars don't even compare. Stop comparing your car to a gt. Did i metion how ugly the rims are, the hood, the side scoops, the engine is pathetic( 3.8 v6 193 horses) come on. Get a grip on like your cars are okay, you might run with a honda accord or a automatic prelude. :owned:
  7. get black stripes man!......but save the money and go to the ford dealership to see how much they will give you on trade it.
  8. double t how old are you? are you bald yet, because you sound like a old 40 year old that just hit his midlife crisis. Get rid of your slow azz v6 and get something else.. like a gt. Sure you have all od these things, that why you own a v6. Give me a freakin break, you can type stuff man but whatever. I havea million dollar house and 6 cars, because im a gangster from oaktown... bling bling. Go get a real job and stop running your paper route, go get a real car and get rid of the one you own, and get rid of that ugly azz jetta too!. I will leave you alone, but i think i made you feel bad. Do you want me to buy you some bigger chains for your neck, since your my [email protected]#
  9. what are ghot flames...and pics?????
  10. Ghost flames are flames that are a similar color to your car and aren't as pronounced/stand out as much as a normal flame job. They look really good, I'll dig around my HD to see if I have any pics.
  11. pjdellenger, WTF is your problem man?

    Are you that bored that you have to try and start **** with the v6 guys?

    When I first bought my stang my friends always would say that mustang guys are usually *******s. I never understood why, until I started meeting people like you. There's no need to be in here bashing v6 stangs. People buy cars for different reasons. That's why there's different models. Hell if it wasn't for the v6 sales, you wouldn't have your GT.

    Get a life.
  12. First, what are "peaple"???

    Cheaply made??? Thats the pot calling the kettle black, GT's are made just the same as V6's, they are nearly identical except the drivetrain.

    I get 23mpg IN THE CITY. You don't.

    BTW, I guarantee my V6 looks better than your GT.

    Oh, and your car is NOT worth 18k. I can buy a BRAND SPANKIN NEW 2004 GT for $17,895 (see So, get your ugly GT, elitist attitude, and ignorant comments out of our forum before we make you look even dumber than you already do.

    ON TOPIC: if you HAVE to get stripes, I'd get black.
  13. Hey guys, I gotta stick up for the GT here you don't have to bash it needlessly. It's a great car if thats what you like. The V6's are great too and are better in some ways than the GT's and definately keep the mustang line alive. So just keep in mind that all of the people who own 5.0/4.6L mustangs aren't ego driven asses like pjdellenger80. Dude you are giving us a bad name so you should seriously just leave these guys to their own business and stop trying to start a fight in THEIR forum.

    - Jeff
  14. Yeah, we don't have anything against GT's, just like I don't have anything against Honda civics in general. Its just stupid moron owners like PJ that give their car's bad reps, not to mention Altezza's :notnice:
  15. I have owned 5 different mustangs 1965 289, 1964 1/2 200, 1988 5.0, 2001 4.6, 2002 3.8, they are all awsome in there own way, but the 3.8 impressed me the most because it response well to little mods and for being a 6 it WILL set you back in the seat. Im not hating on GTs theyre cool no doubt, but they v6s are fairly impressive. Just put a bower on and we can wax any stock GT easily all for less than 16k.
    PJ give me your address, you talk alot of sh1t but alll your doing is blowing smoke up peoples azzes.
  16. Damn I normally dont say anything in these flame threads but damn I feel like my IQ hass dropped 20% just from listening to pj. Can you please speak english and stop trying to copy whatever you saw from the latest snoop dog video. We all know there is no way in hell you own a million dollar home you live with your mom you work at mcdonalds. You might have a gt or a v6 but I know that whatever it is you probably cant afford it and are one month away from it getting reposesd. You are certainly no "gangster". And while your talking all this ***** I bet I could walk you by a couple cars in whatever you drive. Ok im done I got that off my chest.
  17. car goes for 18,000, only have 18,000 miles on it and its a 2002. Mabye not anybody would buy it, but anyone young would beacaus with all the mods it makes it look soooo good. The 3.8 impressed you. damn you be a idiot.
  18. Yeah, I hate "peaple."

    Um, you do realize that both cars COME FROM THE SAME FACTORY! My god man! 99% of your car was molded from the same mold the v6s were! How on earth are v6s ugly? The hood? the stock GT hood IS the v6 hood with a bigger hood scoop. The rims... ...well you probally dont know anything about stangs at all, and just saw some v6 with bad taste that ghettoed it. Mustangs come in many different styles of stock rims. Whatever rims you got stock, I betcha that somewhere in america a v6 is running around with a pair.
  19. Thats a nationwide stereotype. Thats the first impression people think when they seem me with my car. And to tell you the truth, even though I know some that arent, I knew a lot of stangers that are.

    However a lot of people on this board, regardless of what engines, I find arent, and on other messageboards like they are. Infact, I wonder if PJ has ever been to them. Over there people are ignorant, cant spell, start *****, and almost 70% dont even have mustangs.

    How on earth is anyone suppost to fight this @$$hole stereotype when there are people like PJ to ruin it for the bunch? Oh, and another thing, This guy signed up this month. Hes so new and is already starting *****? This is NOT a way to make friends man!
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