approx. max shift speeds for GT500?

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  1. I just got a GT500 about 3 weeks ago. I was wondering if anyone knows the approximate recommended maximum speeds for the first several gears.

    Of course, I know you need to watch the redline, but for example:

    How fast can you already be going and still drop it into 3rd gear at full throttle (without damaging the engine)? Just looking for some approximations - thx.
  2. I accidentally put mine in 3rd doing about 70 and it took it just fine...the s/c just kicked in. In my 89 I use 3rd if I'm going less than 70, but it also has the T5-Z and 3.08's in the rear. The GT 500 has 3.31's so it's not that much different. If you don't want to use 3rd there's always 4th ;)

    Saleen 89-215
  3. Assuming a 6000 RPM revlimit:
    1st: 44
    2nd: 74
    3rd: 101
    4th: 131
    5th: 164
    6th: 208

    The factory speed limiter is set at 155? MPH.
  4. my 2 cents: i would say slow down and wait the 500 or 1000 miles (up to you) to go above say 80 6th! I didnt go over 3K RPM in the first 4 gears, it was hard though!

    but there is also another school of thought here too.....alot of folks get on it hard from day 1, to break it in the way it'll be driven for years
  5. as far as the break-in is concerned, I've not been going too crazy, but I have gotten into it a few times - hard not to. According to the manual, it suggests that you limit travelling at same speeds for long periods for the first 1000 miles i.e. cruise control.

    I also had a thread going on this before and the general consensus was that no break in was really needed, other than varying speeds for awhile.
  6. Metroplex - I have a cold air intake and the tune disables the speed limiter, so I suppose I can go over 155.

    I'm curious as to where you got the speeds info from, though.

    Sounds like we're talking a 208 mph car, rivaling the Z06?! Has anyone had the car anywhere close to that speed??
  7. Those are max speeds given the tire size and gearing of the GT500. That doesn't mean a stock GT500 can drive 208 mph.
  8. Ahh okay, makes sense. Damn that would have been some sweet bragging rights to use!

    Any idea on what the top speed really is supposed to be with the limiter turned off?
  9. Don't quote me on this, but I recall Jason Plato mentioning during a review that the GT500 in stock form would be drag limited to about 180 MPH. You can do a search on YouTube for Fifth Gear GT500 and you can find it easily.
  10. According to the video it says in the 180's. Looks like the handling could use some improvement from the video...
  11. we have done a few shelbys here at work with the FRPP suspention components
    (swaybars springs shocks) and they all handeled way better than stock, even the verts
  12. Has anyone dropped it into first gear at 30 or 40 mph, instead of staying in 2nd until the next shift? Is this safe to do or is it way too hard on the transmission? Just curious...
  13. 07 GT500 Short throw shifter

    Hey has anyone changed out their shifter for the ford racing short throw? Just curious since it looks like its a real job to get to the linkage and get it off and the new on. Any suggestions welcome. Paul