APR Signs off on the Wide Body Ford Mustang

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    Chalk up another special edition Ford Mustang to the collection. This wide-body beast by APR Performance is a tweaked-out road racer that is ready to plaster a grin on any Mustang fan's face. With almost every modification possible thrown at this S197 Mustang, APR has made sure to get it done...and done right. The widebody aerodynamic kit applied to this Ford Mustang keeps the retro look, aggressive stance, and most importantly sharp lines to cut the air while racing at the track. In addition to the broad stance, the body kit also holds host to an upgraded wheel opportunity; front wheels up to 20"x9.5" and rear wheels up to 20"x12.5" are easily mated to the Mustang with this setup. Keep reading to get all the official details on this APR Mustang monster...and as always, plenty of eye candy lies within.