aquiring maf transfer for BE and some Qs

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Foxfan88, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. i registered my EA/BE this weekend, i havent got m tweecer quite yet but i have been playing around with some. i can already tell its got alot more features than caledit/con

    anways i am needing a place to get tranfers to upload into BE, when i go to upload a transfer i get a few in the folder like A9L but nothing for the pro-m meters etc like cal edit had. i am assuming i need to download them from the internet, it seemed like had some but its been down so much i cant get on to see. so where do i download some at?

    i am trying to get started on a tune. doing the basic changes like putting in a 75mm Pro-m xfer to match my meter. set the high/low slopes and disable EGR/smog, scaling down battery vs inj offsets

    also thought about locking out timing at WOT to 20* above 3k.

    is this too much to change at once?? or is there more to change?

    now heres some more Qs
    where is the injector cranking PW table?? i read on some file to scale down the table according to your injectors so it will start easier, i couldnt find anything in BE

    and i have been reading...let me know if i am correct, i can set high slope = low slope and ignore breakpoint and do all the tuning within the maf xfer to achieve 1.0 KAMRF and desired AFR at wot etc?? is there any disadvantage to doing this compared to setting a higher low slope and using a breakpoint??

    and does the spark advance vs WOT, are the numbers in this table ADDed to the base timing of the engine to get your total timing?? is there going to be any other tweaks to make this change work? thats all i am worried about at this point, i am running 10 base and just want to keep the total timing low to keep it in the safe zone, are there other tables i have to adjust down to match this and make this work??
  2. EA will have many preloaded MAFs in the "MAF"section of EA. you need to export or copy/paste the transfers from EA to BE and go from there. they are at the top of the screen and to the left of the actual black and green graph. the WOT vs RPM function is the timing WITH the dizzy set to 10*btdc.

    as far as the high low slopes, im not there yet. i have the z3x and 24lbers so my slopes are the same and it idles great.