Arc'd My Battery Car Won't Start.

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  1. So I was test driving my 88 after hci swap and had my battery in the trunk. Forgot to tie it down because I haven't had a chance to by a box yet. Anyway the battery shifted and the positive wire hit the side of the car and my car shut down. The positive cable has a small burn mark. I had to jump it to try to start it an it cranked so slow and wouldn't start just battery died again. And it wouldn't pop start either. What did I do to my poor car?
  2. is it wired through a mega fuse?
  3. Sounds like you shorted something and burnt it out lol. Not to laugh at your misfortune, but this just seems like something that would happen to me. Go ahead and check all your wiring in regards to battery, solenoid, and starter just to begin with.
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  4. Do you have an inline fuse? Thats where I would look first.
  5. Time to break out the test light and DVM and start tracing from the battery backwards for power until you find the problem. I assume you still have accessories, lights? Will it crank at all or does the starter not even engage. I agree, check the fuseable links.
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  6. You are lucky you did not burn the car up! I agree that it is time for the multimeter. I would see if the battery has 12 v as a starting point. I would also be sure the cable or insulation did not melt!
    Once, when I was younger and in a hurry, I got my tisty-o-flex watch band in between the positive terminal and the body on an old car. It welded the band on one side. So here I am trying to get a half welded watch off without burning both hands and the dang headlight was still unplugged on that side. And the watch was stuck to the body too.