Are 99+ 3.8 V6 Mustangs prone to Head gasket problems?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by GM Dude, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. Just wondering if the later on 3.8's, from 1999 onward are prone to Ford's head gasket problems, like on the earlier years. My friends are dead set on cursing this car because of it having a 3.8, even though I saw that most 3.8 problems occured on 93-96 Ford vehicles. I just want some relief. :shrug:
  2. I really looked into this before getting my '99 and everything I read said that it was only pre-99 models that had the problem. Ford completely redesigned the 3.8 engine for the 99+ models and they've redesigned it again for the 2005s.
  3. well, to my understanding it was only the 94 and 95 , models (of which i currently own one of) that had that problem. And the new V6 is getting a real change .2 more liters! yay, that much closer to 4.6, lol
    my question is if it is the same size block, or if it would be able to be 'bored' to a larger size than the 3.8 could be? (i think the 3.8 is commonly bored to a 4.2 right?)
  4. The 3.8 is stroked to 4.2.

    The 4.0L is a completely different engine.
  5. All I can say is I haven't heard of anyone having head gasket problems in the 99+ at all. I'm pretty sure, as someone else said, that there were only two years that had the gasket issue before Ford fixed it.
  6. well it was only the 94 94 v6's that had this problem. the 99 motor is the same motor with a different intake plenum and slightly different cooling (because of the plenum) and the 2005 is a different motor all toghether. it has 2 cams...and they are on the topside of the motor
  7. ??? pretty sure the new 4.0 is listed as SOHC
  8. it is SOHC, which means there are 2 cams total. one on bank
  9. yeah, the only V-6 configuration i can think of that shares a common Cam is that silly VR-6 from volkswagon...
    15 degrees?! jeebus... (yes i know they made it super-compact so it could fit in the bay otherwise used for an I-4)
  10. the 3.8's had head gasket problems from 1983-1996.

    97-98 are fine and 99+ are even better
  11. This is an interesting discussion because since Jan (04) the V-6s have been 3.9 L engines! I have heard that a new head gasket has boosted the size by 100ml. We had an interesting go round here at work since some of the boys were listing the engine size as 3.9, and I suggested they were wrong, but ooooops! I checked with our club president who works at the largest Ford dealer in our area and he said since Jan this year they are 3.9!
  12. And now can be stroked to 4.3L. :nice:
  13. they fixed the head gasket issue in mid 96 im amazed people still freak out about it....

  14. Well it is Ford we are talking about...... :shrug:
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