Are All 28 Spline Axles Created Equal?

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by madmike1157, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. No,'s not the obvious answer to the obvious question. I wanna know if a 28 spline axle out of a 7.5 rear will be the same as the one that fits an 8.8 housing,..given that the length is the same?
  2. Good,..that means I can leave the 7.5 in place while I do a 5 lug upgrade. :nice:
  3. And hope you do not blow chunks of gear in the process? No slicks for you! I think the only reason my 79 7.5 did not break was lack of traction, even with a limited slip differential in it.

  4. I do not intend to run the 7.5 when the LS is installed,...I'm only wanting to not waste any money on the conversion by putting 5 lug axles in a rear that won't eventually allow me to change over to the 8.8. Besides,....even if I never change the rear over (which won't happen) I'll never have slicks on a car again.

    So I got that going for me,......... which is nice.