Are All The Recent 5.0 Mustangs Manual Trans?

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  1. I have a 2008 Bullitt, that I like very much, but due to the manual I don't drive it much, guess I am getting old and lazy. I got it about 20 months ago and only put 1000 miles on it, now it has 12900 and is just like new.

    Anyway, I am considering a recent model with a 5.0. Are all these manual trans?

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  2. Manuals are indeed standard but automatic transmissions are available as an option.
  3. Mighty nice car there.

    You likely won't believe this .... but that 08 Bullitt manual would be a lot more enjoyable if made a bit more comfortable when shifting and a simple clutch pedal extension would do the trick. Stock, you are required to take that clutch pedal to the floor while the brake beside it does not go to the floor, yet both legs operate from the same hip.

    Just talking about raising the pedal 1-5/8 inch, that's all .... but what a difference in feel and comfort. Almost like a piece of 2x4 taped / tied on top of pedal, but looks OEM.

    If you haven't tried it ..... you won't believe the change. In operation I know it doesn't shorten travel .... but the big plus is clutch operation is just one movement with leg .... and there is no pressing with toes to get it down that last bit and because your heel bottoms out on the floor first (like stock).
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  4. Are all the recent 5.0 Mustangs manual? I certainly hope so.;)
  5. Only the BOSS and GT-500 are manual only