Are Any Deals Going On For Leftover 2003s?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Dior55, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Newbie here, seems like a great forum (I'm normally over at as I built my own Cobra replica a few years ago). I'm looking to get another "toy" for the garage, and the 2003 SVT has been on my mind all year. I noticed on Ebay that a dealer in Michigan has a NEW coupe for sale (40 miles) with NO reserve and the car is under $30K with no bidders.

    I also noticed from doing searches of dealer inventories on the web that lots of SVT dealers have 2, 3, or more Cobras laying around. I called a small guy who had one 10th Anniv. edition, black coupe and he said he'd let me have it for $34K. This is only $1000 off when you consider the $1500 rebate from Ford on leftover SVTs, as the anniv. edition lists for $36,500.

    I then called a couple of larger dealers (one had 5 SVT's in stock) and they said they would not consider less than MSRP (other than the rebate).

    I just don't understand how a dealer in Michigan can let a NEW SVT go for $29K (assuming only one bid happens) when dealers here are sitting on inventory and don't want to get excited. I mean, it is the holiday season and not prime car buying time. I figured it would be a great way to steal a car (and I want to steal one and not pay list!!)

    Any thoughts, war stories, strategies, etc. will be appreciated.
  2. Best thing to do is go down and do some talking to the dealers...Write down what you want to pay for the car and fold it up and put it in your pocket. Dont pay a penny over what you wrote down. If you get the car for that price...great. If not then go elsewhere.
  3. 03

    I just stole my yellow 03 for 26900 with 1600mi, used but still new. I only made 3 payments on my 01 Cobra so i was way upside down. But I sill walked away for 33k out the door, Im happy.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I guess the dealers use "bluster" over the phone and do not want to "talk turkey" until they see someone at the showroom (slightly panting)!

    I'll try driving around to a few of these guys this weekend. I'm on a mission to buy a 10th Anniv. NEW for around $31K!
  5. If you going to get one, now is the time!

    Good Luck
  6. Work with the Fleet guy. He does not get a commission and will not give you all the crap that the sale screw will give you. He doesn't give a crap if you buy the ESP or what ever. He will try to sell it to you but will not try to ram it down your throat. I have not bought a car from a sales person in over 10 years. My sale exp. has been much better for it. Don't get me wrong, they still can be jerks but they ar usually pretty cool. I call around and talk to a few before i choose the dealer I want to deal with. When I bought my Mach I called about 7 dealers. I finially found one that was pretty cool and B.Sed about different Mustangs and so on. He bent over backwards to make the deal I wanted. We came up with a good compromise. I am not complaining about the deal. He made his dealership about $400 over their cost and gave me the options at cost. I only bought the gap ins. I hate ins. Co. they are such scammers. Ask to see if he can set you up for an X-Plan? You can save a few bucks that way too on a new car.
  7. Ended up with a new black 10th Anniv. Coupe. Exactly what I was looking for. Paid $32K out the door. I'm very happy with the car. I've only driven her about 350 miles so far, as the freakin' weather turned to $hit the week after I took delivery. Glad I kept my Toyota commuter car!
  8. Congrats!