Are Autozone IAC's as good as the Ford IAC's?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by squares98, May 16, 2006.

  1. Will it do the job because I bought one from Ford a while back and it broke in like 2 minutes. Im tired of living with constant bad idle, stalling.
  2. Try cleaning the Ford one. It should not have broke that quick.
  3. I tried cleaning it 10 times
  4. Last year I had my IAC go out on me and it was only on there for six months and it was a aftermarket Wells IAC valve from Autozone. I ended up
    replacing it with a Ford Motorcraft IAC valve and it's been on there for over
    a year still no problems at all.I talked to my mechanic about what IAC valves
    are the best to use and he said the Ford Motorcraft IAC's are the best for your car I wouldn't take a chance with the aftermarket IAC's.In my experience I will never give Autozone my business ever again they have given
    me bad and wrong parts in the past plus there mechanical intelligence is not good at all. I will only replace broken parts like the IAC with Ford genuine parts! :nice:
  5. I think there is a warranty on Motorcraft parts, take that IAC back! :nice:
  6. My autozone IAC has lasted one year (and counting) longer than my oem one.
  7. Fords isn't so is the one that fails on everyone! Autozone is half price so worth a shot.
  8. is there a right up on how to clean your idle is pissing me off....i think its dirty
  9. Autozone store's are set up for women. At least find a NAPA or O'Reilly's and get a quality part.
  10. Suprisingly, the S.O.B. did not act up at all today and I drove that car alot today. It started up correctly while hot(which it never did for like 5 months). It seems to have finally fixed itself. I was real libral with the carb cleaner on sat. when i cleaned the IAC. maybe that made a difference

  11. not true. it's not the IAC's fault it gets gummed-up, but the fact that most people dont change the PCV valve, or when they do they also buy aftermarket ones which will draw to-much thru the crankcase and gum-up the intake and IAC. again, do NOT buy aftermarket IAC's, TPS, PCV's, O2's, IAT's, ECT's and so on from the aftermarket. they are not made to FoMoCo's specs and will cause you problems, if your Ford dealer wants to much for a part, just give me a call and I'll try and help you wth pricing.
  12. I would go to NAPA (Not because I have worked there for 3 years) because there parts have good warranties and people who usually work at Autozone or Advanced dont know S**T most of the time.
  13. I would take Randy's advice, as he seems to know what he is talking about!!! I can't imagine some autozone generic garbage off the shelf would be better. Not to say Ford is #1 when it comes to quality but better than Autozone. Autozone, you are :ban:
  14. Ok i'm sorry :crazy:
  15. I bought a plenum and TB off ebay that had an aftermarket IAC valve on it. the car would not run right.

    swapped the stock one back on and it still working fine.

    so I vote ford. should have a waranty as well.
  16. I can hook you up on some part #'s and prices also. Ive been a Parts-man for 17 years.

    BTW O'Reilly's also carries Motorcraft, so the dealer is not your only option.
    I was a Gen Manager for autozone for 11 years, and the only thing I would buy from there was oil.
  17. That's good info :nice: