Are factory 3.73's common........

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  1. a 4-cylinder automatic? Being the giant melvin I am, I decoded the door tag (with my handy dandy "Catalog of Mustang ID Numbers 1964-1/2 - 1993") on this '93 hatch I just picked up. I found that the axle code is "6" meaning a non-locking 3.73. Just curious if this gear is common from the factory.:shrug:
  2. If you consider every 2.3 auto car from '87-93 "common", then yes ;)

    As far as I know, in that year range, every 2.3 automatic had 3.73 gears behind it.
  3. Well, that makes sense. I know the automatic cars need quite a bit of help getting up from a dig. I had assumed that 3.45's were the gear of choice from Ford though, don't know why I assumed, but I did. Thanks for the info! Any day that I learn something new about a Mustang I didn't know previously is a good day.:nice:
  4. I'm pretty sure just about all the Tbirds had 3.73...or suffice to say every rear end i've seen come out of a Tbird had them.
  5. In '87-88, 5 speed cars had a 3.55 trak-lok, autos had a 3.73 trak-lok (and an 8.8 rear, of course)

    Prior to that ('83-86) everything had a 7.5 and I THINK they were all 3.45's.
  6. Wait so 87-88 2.3 had an 8.8?

    What about an 89 5spd?
  7. Never did a 2.3 have an 8.8-inch rear ('cept the SVO's). And unless it was special orderable (is that a word) 7.5's did not have trak-lok.
  8. Sorry about that, my post was referring to turbo coupes, not Mustangs.

    And the SVO did not have an 8.8, it had a 7.5.
  9. I didn't think they did that why I was asking. LOL

  10. :shrug: My 85 gt had 7.5 posi and it looked like my 8.8 trak lok.
  11. Sorry, I was only referring to 2.3 litre cars, I'm sure the pre-'86 V8 cars had the 7.5 locker.
  12. The 7.5 came standard with a trak-lok in early GT's (up to '85 I think? Maybe '86 also), and in early turbo coupes, '83-86. Oh yeah, and in early Rangers, although the axle housing itself was set up for leaf springs (and I've also been told that's a cheap way to get 4.10's).

    I don't even think the trak-lok was available in the 2.3L Mustang, but I could be wrong.