SN95 Are My Cats Gutted?

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  1. How can you tell? Anyway without disconnecting them? Reason I ask is that my buddy has a 99 GT And I have a 94 GT we both have the stock headers, stock h pipe (supposedly with gutted cats), and stock catback. I have 40 original flowmasters and he has the delta flow version. but his car is way lower and louder than mine.

    When I look underneath there are only 2 there, adn they are way up at the headers. I'm wondering if he cut off the others and didn't bother with those 2 up there. Thanks!
  2. 99 GT's either had 6 or 4 cats depending on if they were an early or late run.

    If he only has 2, and they are up near the headers, it appears as if he's had the main cats removed and just left the two smaller pre-cats in place.

    How to tell if yours are gutted? Does the car smell like fuel?
  3. Holy crap. Good thing I read the post. I was about to call the ASPCA on you.
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  4. Lmao dang I didn't even realize! But no all my cats have mucho guts! Lol

    So I just need to pull them and look I guess huh?
  5. Yeah I'd there only 2 by the headers then the others have been removed. 94/95 have 4, 2 precats by headers n 2 reg