Are Our Intakes off a thunderbird?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by OrangeMustangGt, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. A guy told me that for our years, ford changed the intakes to a thunderbird intake! HE said that this lost like 10hp over the previous mustangs (which is made up with the electric fan) anyhow, this guy knows alot about stangs, and said that putting another intake will really wak ethe motor up. is this true that we have them intakes stock>?
  2. He is correct in both aspects. Ford did use the Thunderbird intake and changing it will wake it up.
  3. I always thought the change was because Ford needed to lower the engine height to run a lower hood.
  4. Bingo! It was the only reason they went with it.
  5. even though in most cases, the fox intake will fit just fine. the only thing it does is make a small indention in the blanket.
  6. so if i had a fox intake laying around i could gain 10 hp by putting it on? what would you need besides the throttle body adapter?
  7. what do the fox body cars have
  8. My friend has a 95 thunderbird with the 4.6L engine (came stock, same motor as the 96-98 mustang). Isn't that intake completely different? Or is our intake off of an earlier thunderbird?
  9. intake, throttle body, egr plate, and throttle cable. i believe that is all you need, but dont hold me to it.
  10. Yes that intake is different. Take a look under the hood of a 92-93 Thunderbird with a 5.0.
  11. Why don't you buy 94-95 Cobra intake ??
  12. 91-93 5.0 T-birds come with a 5.0L HO in them