Are Roush Bilstein's Shocks A Bad Choice For Daily Driver?

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  1. I have a 2002 Mustang V6 and I have a pair of Roush Bilstein shocks. I was wondering if these are worse than stock or the ride will not be as smooth. Thanks very much ahead of time.
  2. Emailed Roush and they said if my car is lowered they will be ok. It's not. Well I guess I'll sell them. HAHAHAHAHA OH WELL.
  3. I would keep them, hold onto them until you do lower it. Do you have the front struts as well? I don't know the specs on them, meaning I don't know if they are meant for lowered cars or not. But if roush said lower your car, then lower your car and stick those bad boys in!
  4. I wish I could keep them. HAHAHAHA More money involved. I just got done replacing the exhaust manifolds,Sending unit with the fuel pump. No I didn't get the struts. I know I'm going to need struts. I think it's pretty cool from what I've read that Bilsteins can be rebuilt. I didn't see anything that had said you have to have a car that's lowered. I would not have bought them. LOL Thanks for replying. Here's the link for Roush.
  5. Unless Roush has redesigned the shock, which I highly doubt, there should be no issue. I have never seen Bilsteins sold where it states for lowered cars only. Bilsteins are a high quality shock. I would install them, may take an hour, and drive the car and see how it is. I have some Maximum Motorsports 1" lowering rear springs that I would sell you cheap $50 if you are worried about it.
  6. Thank you Bossman, I appreciate it very much. That's kind of you. I got a response from Roush and they said I would have to have the car lowered. Lol BUT someone at Bilstein is going to get back to me. I was thinking the same as you said. It doesn't take long to put them on, Then go and test them out. Again I appreciate the offer on the springs. It's my husband who not a car buff and I am...HAHAHAHA So a lot of things he doesn't listen too. HAHAHA But he is good with cars and he knows I'll get out the wrench and do it myself too.
  7. I see. So you know with the shocks off the rear end can be let down where the coil springs will basically fall out, making it the perfect time to change them. But if Bilstein doesn't get back with you pretty quick these guys can help you out and their site has detail on Bilsteins, the detail I see on the MM site says for stock or altered. Hope this helps:
  8. Working on a Mustang is new to me and I didn't know the springs were that easy. I haven't had the car for that long, So I'm researching the best I can. I am willing to learn and I will search till I fall down. Thanks for the link, That's great. Again thanks for taking the time to reply.
  9. Bilstein said they are the same length as the B6's and they should be ok. Where I bought them from assumed they would be fine. So now to wait till a warm day.
  10. I thought so. Bilsteins are a great shock. I had Tokico D-spec adjustables in the rear and they made the rear feel glued down and flat feeling. I changed them out to Bilsteins and never been happier. I think you will be happy with them as well.
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  11. I think I will ! Thank you. I can't afford Bilstein for the front. Now to figure out what kind. I read so much my head spins. You know how some people don't look up anything? Nope, I do....HAHAHAHAHA