Are shorty headers worth anything?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by keepsbreakin, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. I was considering some shorty headers for my '03 GT. Is it even worth anything to get shorties? Long tubes are out for a few reasons. The heads have to be rebuilt (labor cost for removal is $$$$), so I figured I'd throw a set of headers on. Or should I just leave the manifolds?
  2. If the heads will be off anyway go ahead and put them on. Gains will be minimal but if/when you get a power adder you'll be glad you did it.
  3. The JBAs are worth at most 9 rwhp. I've seen a couple dynos that back that up. I'm happy with mine. :nice: BBK apparently will have some equal length shorties out soon, and they're cheaper than JBAs. The FRPPs are only good for a couple rwhp.

    Most people are going to come in here and tell you that shorties aren't worth it and to go with long tubes. Good luck with the rebuild. Like micool said, I would definately do it while the heads are off of the car.
  4. Good point and also remember that a certain 2v that we all know of made 729 rwhp with JBA shorties.
  5. I see BBK already has the equal-length shorty out...what is better, the un-equal length or equal length? I figure the equal length would be, but I am not an exhaust guy.. I am more of an electrical system type.
  6. Well, I've got FRPP Shorties on mine, and I like em. They give a good exhaust tone, allow much more air than the stock manifold (just look at em and compare).

    I really don't why ppl. are SOOO against shorties, they aren't quite worth the gains of LT's, but they get the job done, and save a lil $$$.

  7. can someone give me a part number for BBK eq shorties???
    i'm looking at BBK site, and can't find it
  8. im gonna go with the jba myself. i think they do a good job for a shorty header.
  9. anyone?
  10. Tried searching for it mity2 but just came up with BBK Longtube part numbers, might have to give them a call ...
  11. Shorty heads are worthless NA, no noticeable gains on the dyno or at the track. Save your money if you are NA, bc they will not do anything for you. I have dynoed, and track tested them on my ported headswap car with aggresive cams, and gained nodda. If the heads are off, add LT's. However, 4v cars respond pretty well to shorties, but not 2v's NA.
  12. got any dynoes to back that up, or track times?
  13. i got 3 dynos that say JBA headers own all shorties
  14. hey cali can u post that dyno. i want to go with jba, but not if im wasting money. are u n/a? what other mods do u have?
  15. Shorties are good for a couple of reasons. They are a "tad" easier to install than long tubes are and they have been shown to work better than "some" LTs with a supercharger. Of course that is relevant to the rest of the exhaust as well. LTs are a pain to put on but I like mine a lot. I can see going either way but if your in there you have to do one or the other. Please don't put stock back on!

  16. There was a article in Hot Rod Magazine were they tested a Bullit Stang with JBA Headers and the increase was around 9rwhp across the board. They also said their was a diffinate hp increase with the SOTP testing.

    If I remember correctly, JBA invented the "shorty" header.
  17. I use JBA shorties on my cobra. When I had my tick repaired they had the engine out so I figured it was a good time(free labor).

    Hp increase is minimal BUT for me it was worth every penny for the decrease in underhood temp!
  18. I think brother's performance, summit, and jegs all list the new BBK shorties. Someone posted the other day that they are not in yet though, and won't be till' sometime in January. Maybe do a search if you want the exact date, or call summit. Hope that helps.
  19. i know for the fact LT would give me more RWHP/TQ gain, but I have to keepmy stock H with 4 cats, becouse when I move to Ohio in near fewture, County i'm moving in to, hase both visual, and sniffer while idle test.....
  20. shorties

    Ive read that the jba's had smaller primaries than the frrp, and bbk shorites is this true? Like 1 and 1/2 primaries compared to frrp and bbk having 1 and 5/8?