1. Who doesn't love a little horsepower war between the big 3? We all know horsepower isn't everything, but it sure is nice to be top dog! Ford has treated us to one of the baddest GT500's to hit the road. Read through the brief summary, and then head over to our blog to read the rest of it and check out some additional pictures of the new GT500 and the Shelby 1000.


    Are the days of this horsepower war numbered?

    If you asked us ten years ago if we thought there would be a factory produced 650 horsepower Mustang made in the future, we would have laughed in your face. If you asked us if we thought we would see a factory produced 1000 horsepower Mustang, we would have told you to quit dreaming in the clouds. These far-fetched dreams are now becoming a reality thanks to Ford and Shelby with the new Gt500 and Shelby 1000.