are there 16 in drag radials?

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  1. I got a 93 lx with stock 16 inch pony rims.Before up grading to cobra r's,Id like to get a set of DR.If they do make 16 inch,whats a good size to use??Thank you in advance!!
  2. I have a set of 245/50-16 nitto dr's and like them alot. I had them as some track tires on my SS it still had the stock converter but w/ the pressure and burnout right i could launch as hard as i wanted and not spin a tire. Their goin on my pony wheels soon as the car gets running :nice:
  3. I second the 245/50/16's Nitto's on your stock will defiantly help you in the traction department :D

  4. Bfg 255/50/16
  5. FYI, the general consesus is:
    Nitto: last alot more miles and better street tire and still hook
    BFG: are softer and hook better but wear quick and dont fare in rain like nitto's.
  6. nitto is a good tire.
  7. How many miles can u expect off of a set of Nitto DR's?
  8. well, how many miles you get out of them can depend on alot of different things. nitto says 15,000 daily driven miles, but yea once you add in heating up your tires and racing you are gonna get less than that. how many miles all depends on if you are going to do alot of racing or or not. I also second the bfg's over the nitto's if you aren't going to be driving the car on the street much, and nittos if you are.
  9. i sware on nittos i have two friends both with mustangs that one had BFG and the other had nittos the BFG lasted maybe one season and the nittos lasted a little over two and the nittos hooked ten times better and provided a better overall tire
  10. let me know when you come to your senses....

    either A) the BFG guy didn't lower the pressure, did sissy burnouts, or plain sucked at driving...

    or B) the nitto guy was a wuss and hardly ever did burnouts, and drove on the tire easy, and didn't put many miles per year on his car...

    sure the nitto will last longer, but i think everyone agrees the BFG plain hooks up better

    'nittos hooked ten times better' thats plain bs
  11. i deal with alot of fact i have a few sets of nittos for sale a 16 and 15..the nittos last longer and work better in the street...however when it comes to the track the bfg's shine through!
    also the guys r right drag radials have a simple formula...if u r hard on them and do numerous burnouts they wear quick if not they 2 cents buy nittos for a street car...and bfg's for a weekend warrior!
  12. hey stangman4lif one of my friends is looking for a set of nittos for his stock turbines, will the ones you have fit and how much? email me at [email protected]
  13. my mailwont work but heres the deal ...i got three sets in case anyone wanted to know...2-245-50-16 and 1-275-50-15 all 555R's and all for 290 a your could use them might have to roll the lip!
  14. I got a set of BFG 255-50-16's for free, but they scrape like a MoFo. So now they're just track duty tires. But I love em. They took my 2.4 60 ft down to a 1.9, and I'm sure I can get it lower.
  15. My bfg 255/50/16's lasted approx. 7000 miles of highway driving and two times at the track (approx 8 runs in the 1/8th mile) They worked great but if I ever get drag radials again I will put them on a spare set of wheels to only be used at the track. I am holding out for the new Mickey Thompson drag radials that are supposed to be coming out sometime after the first of the year.
  16. Not yet have a chance to drive on the Nitto ,but I will stand by my 16" BFG DR,my best 60'ft time is a 1.60 with 12 psi on the tires. I am sure both tires will be a good choice on the street/track then any high performence street tires out there. But maximum traction on the street is the name of the game here.
    Just my .02
  17. the key is good traction/60 ft= i gotta do a GOOD smokey burnout!
  18. Thanks,Im actually leaning tords bfg's but Im gonna wait to see if mickey thompson actually comes out with some DR