Fox Are These Bbk Shorty's Headers?

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  1. What kind of headers are these? I was to believe they are BBK shorties. What do you think?


  2. cant tell for sure but they look like equal length headers of some type,cant remember if theres a stamping on bbk ones but who cares what kind, you have
  3. They look like they've got individual which case, the're probably MAC's. The way the paint it all flaked off of them reminds me of their old "HTS" coating. Lasted about a day and a half. lol
  4. I agree. The BBK headers have always had a one piece flange. Those look like Mac headers. They probably aren't that bad off. They probably just need the rust cleaned off and a new coating. Or if you don't want to spend a whole lot of money just shoot them with a can of that 2000 degree paint.

  5. I vote MAC

    BBK headers have a plate on the side that says BBK
  6. :doh:Thanks for the info guys. PO gave me a list from Summit things he had done and its appearing that the BBK shorties on his list weren't for this mustang...

    There is a plate on the side of them with a stamp. I will try and get my camera down there and hopefully there is enough space it can focus on it enough to read.

    So. If these do turn out to be MAC headers, are they any good? How about lasting capabilities? So far I think they have been on the car for approximately 3-4 years maybe longer. I have had the car for 2 years and I'm assuming they were put on a few before I got it. I think they plus the Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust sound great to be quite honest. I guess now that I am figuring out they aren't what I thought they were I would still like to get some opinions from you guys.

    Thanks again!
  7. And they do have individual flanges.
  8. That synch's it then, they're MAC's.

    Not a horrible header. Had a couple set's in the past. Unless you've got reason to, I wouldn't remove them. Once off, they have a tendency to be a "bear" to line up into place again. The individual flanges tend to get out of shape after a few heat cycles.

    They also have a tendency to be hard on gaskets. Haven't seen a set yet that hasn't at some point developed a leak. If you do end up with one, buy a good quality replacement gasket and use plenty of high temp copper silicone around the ports of the heads and header flanges themselves to help seal it up. Re-torque the flanges regularly and invest in a good set of locking header bolts like the "Stage 8" brand. They're worth the cost in aggravation alone.

    Performance wise, they're as good as any other shorty. I'm not a huge fan of the equal length tubing, as it can make plug wire routing a pain, but I also wouldn't go replacing them with another set because of it.
  9. Perfect, that's good news for my setup. Thanks!
  10. I had a set of mac shorties on my hatch. They looked awesome.

    For a couple weeks. Then they looked like old tractor parts like yours
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  11. X5. Those are MAC's. I HATE them. They go on ok the first time and then are a PITA to reinstall. Plus they rust within weeks. I'd take a wire wheel to them and prime and spray them with VHT ceramic paint. If you do remove them, be prepared to need a pry bar and maybe a BFH to get them on. I use 1" SS allen head bolts with lock washers on my headers. They work great, look great, are easy install and don't back out for half the price of Stage 8 and much less hassle.
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  12. I think it's safe to say that you shouldn't do anything with them until you develop an exhaust leak. I don't like using high temp silicone on the gaskets. For one, it shouldn't be necessary, and 2 you have to take the header completely off to clean up the mess the next time you change the gasket. The best gasket I have seen so far is the factory replacement Fel-pro gaskets you get from the parts store. Here is a little trick for you. Each end of the gasket has a hook instead of a hole, so you can just drop it down over the end bolts. Instead of removing the bolts completely, just back them out until you can get about a 1/4" of gap between the header and the head. Then take the new gasket, and cut out the bolt holes straight down with a pair of dykes. Then you can rip the old gasket out, and drop the new gasket straight down onto the header bolts without ever having to take them all out and therefore have to struggle to line up all those individual flanges again.

  13. IIRC....very early BBK's did have individual flanges.