Are these headers worth it.

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  1. I have a question about a set of headers I would like to buy. I have a 68 coupe 289, and a manual transmission, this really narrows the field for options. The thing that really sold me on these headers is they have a unique sound and you don't have to put the clutch assembly in at the same time as the headers like the hookers. The headers are TRI-Y and I am going to get them in the silver powder coat. The thing is they cost $399.99 retail and if you find them on ebay at the right time they will still cost over $160. The thing is I had to get my car running after I rebuilt it and so the auto trany headers wouldn't fit, so I bought one set of headers off of ebay and they were for a 87 on up fox body, no fit :bang: , I bought a set at a swap meet they were for a 74 on up, no fit :bang: , and the last set I bought was from a friend of mine he still had the box for them and they were for a 67-68 small block but they turned out to be for a tremic, no fit :bang: :bang: . So I ended up putting manifolds on to get it running and getting a $180 exhaust lengthening to fit, total I spent over $500 :bang: and still have most of the other headers. As you should see this is getting old, if I would have known about the TRI Y's I would have bought them hands down but 20/20 hine sight is perfect. So what do you guys think of these headers.
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  2. Still have the fox headers? Wanna sell 'em?
  3. still have em. They are powder coated half a$$, but still look deacent. I will try to get you some pics.
  4. I guess by now you have learned that headers are application specific. What Tri-Ys run $400? I have a set of ebay special tri-Y's that were used and nickel chromed and only set me back $80. They fit great, but this is in an 89 Ranger ( V-8) I have heard that they don't fit so great in the Stangs. I have never heard of any header being specific to Tremecs though. The tremec is similar in dimensions to your, (I assume you have a Toploader?) transmission ( 3 or 4 speed? ) Sometimes you have to make adjustments to headers to make them fit ( the BFH method) I would go back and try those "tremec" headers again. You sometimes have to reposition the motor to get them in too ( an engine hoist or jack it up) As far as a unique sound, mine don't sound any different when uncorked than any other header I've owned.
  5. i got a set of tri y's used as well for about $70, they fit beautifully with a power steering ram drop. same story for our '67 vert...those $400 tri y's are way too pricey, if you want them new, the $150 tri y's work just fine, or find a used set on ebay like i did
  6. Fox body? They look more like 4wd pickup truck headers. They'd be draggin the ground in even a stock ride height Fox body Stang.