Are WELD PROSTARS okay for everyday driving??

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by juicedstang1, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. will they hold up and not break or crack. I do not drive over any major potholes and when i go over bumps or potholes I go slow will they hold up for years of use?

    alos what should the lug nuts be torqued to?
  2. Yea they will be fine. If you have the front skinnies just take it easy on the potholes cause the rim can easily be dented.

    I drove quite a bit on my weld pro star skinnies and had no trouble. I just got nervous about taking turns to quickly..

    Ive always just tightened the lugs till they are tight. Be sure to do it in a star pattern.
  3. thanks I appreciate it I did just tighten them as much as I could in a star patter

    BTW i found out light steel wool will take out any imperfections and watrerspots in welds wo scratching them. you have to repolish but they look new now thnaks
  4. yea, i drove around with skinnies/slicks for a while.. cops never bothered me, high speed corners are out of question, but they will work just fine for the street. Actually will ride alittle smother, and turn much easier with skinnies up front.