Are you 2.3 owners still here?

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  1. Wow thats low mileage tripleblk. I only have 113k original miles on my 91 lx hatchback.
  2. becareful at the pump and paying for 93..alot of places are putting 87 in 93 pumps so they can make more money..and the average person cant tell the difference
  3. How much more does 93 cost over 91 where this is supposedly happening? Where is this happening and who is making the accusations? A station that gets caught doing that here would be in some deep serious trouble.

    Only one station here sells 93 and I don't buy it anyway. Why would I at $6.99/gal when 100 "only" costs 10% more? I can buy some 100, buy some 91, and mix my own 93 for half of the cost. :rolleyes:
  4. Don't know where everyone here is from, but here in the southeast 99% of stations carry only 87, 89 and 93. I don't know of any 91 octane stations. I have seen a few stations carry 5 different grades. But that's really rare.
  5. I figured the states that sold 93 offered it alongside 91. Guess not.

    The California Air Resources Board has a stranglehold on this state, so the highest common octane for pump gasoline is 91. There is a VP station here that also offers 87, 91, 93 and 100, although 93 & 100 are at the much higher prices in my previous post. Both are almost guaranteed to be old since hardly anyone buys it.
  6. I really find that hard to believe...a guy in my hometown was doing something like that years ago (I only heard that he was "watering down" the gas, don't know much else), he got caught, had to pay fines and lost his franchising with BP.

    Also here they only sell 87, 89 and 93. 93 is 30 cents more a gallon than 87.
  7. Still in the game...1990 lx convertible 2.3l soon to +T it while waiting for the turbo block to get refreshed.
  8. im doing a turbo swap on my 92 lx and using a 86 tbird engine i need a site that has some parts listed so i know where to start
  9. If my 93 vert hadnt rusted out I would still be driving it. I loved that car.
  10. My car is still having body work done to it so my main focus has been on the convertible. I slide in to see if anyone is posting now and then though.
  11. Finally got my 2.3 n/a running after being parked for 2yrs.

    Swapped to a T4M0 ecu, w/ Moates QH chip, Explorer 19Lb injectors, Ranger roller cam, and still to come is an aluminum driveshaft, 5-lug Cobra brakes and rear disk conversion, and a new seat if I can get the one from the j/y to bolt in...

    With just a little done on the tune, I'm getting 30mpg on last 3 tanks.
    Can't wait to start tuning the AFR... but need to get the WB installed first...
  12. Hey everyone, just joined because i've always been reading yalls threads, and figured i might be able to help occasionally. I bought my 91 hatchback 2.3 about 3 years ago for $500 and drive it everyday and LOVE it! Lets keep these 2.3 n/a stangs goin, esp with todays gas prices!!
  13. I'm still around and check this forum periodically. I have my car in the garage and under a cover also like someone else that posted. I have tons of parts in storage that I will put on the car eventually but alas do not have the time right now. Good to see at least a few posting.

    The other day I was driving my '79 Pace Car around and saw at least two peoples waiting across the street in their cars taking pictures with their cell phone cameras. At least it still attracts attention.
  14. I have not posted in a few years . I may start driving the car more so i am back
  15. To follow up on my previous statement.......Here is a pic I took last week while on vacation in the Orlando, FL area. Lots of choices!
  16. Car is sitting in a garage waiting for me to swap short blocks. All I ever drive anymore is my Expedition.
  17. Why in the hell would you buy 88 octane?
  18. I was asking myself the same thing, then I figured that there are probably engines out there that ping on 87 and not on 88, so the owner buys 88 instead of paying 5¢/gal more for 89.

    I just wish I could get 93 for less than 6.60/gal here.
  19. Still here, driving the 93 every other day to work, over 101,000 now on her. Very dependable, only thing not working right now is the A/C. Just don't really need it so haven't spent the $$ to get it looked at.

    She is only a 2.3, but still scares my 16 yr old to drive her. Could be because I have had her longer than him, lol. :rolleyes:
  20. I still check in once in awhile. Wife still drives her 89 2.3 notch turbo daily unless I get it. Been working and working on trying to put a 94 3.2 SHO in a 93 Mustang Vert. I glanced at the posting just now and seems like questions are getting answered and nothing I have to comment on. Maurice