Are you glad you got a Cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by jmk97GT, May 10, 2005.

  1. Any year, doesnt matter, I am just curious how happy you are that you bought the Cobra you have. Do you wish you would have kept your previous car? Gotten a different car? I've heard mixed feelings from people I know (mainly with the 03/04 Cobra). I plan to buy an 03/04 Cobra within the next 2 years and I want to know if anyone would suggest otherwise. Be honest!!

    Thanks guys
  2. I've owned some cool, quick cars in my time but never felt the way I do in my 01 cobra. I always wanted this car. Sold my 97 ' move. :nice:
  3. Yeah, I have done some conservative calculations and I should easily be able to afford an 03 Cobra within 2 years without having to sell my car...but I will not have 2 cars so the 97 will get sold. Money for mods :D

    Still thinking about it though, nothings for sure yet just wanted to ask some of you guys.

    By the way, what do you think of the IRS? Like or dont like?
  4. I LOVE my 01, once you go DOHC you can never go back........
    Lucky for me I can keep all three Stangs.
    All three have different personality's.

    The IRS really shines in handling. John Force starts give you tickets, so wheel hop is a mute point...........
  5. Going from a solid rear axle to a IRS Cobra is a eye-opener. I've owned 4 solid rear V8 Mustangs and then the 01 Cobra and I can attest that it has a sharper, more controlled turn-in, handles flatter, doesn't brake dive as bad and rides so much more smoother. Now on smooth pavement I wouldn't bet my life the IRS is that much faster, but the entire feel of the IRS creates a much better driving experience and beats the solid rear hands down as a daily driver and I've only had wheel hop once on the street under WOT.
  6. I have only had my 04 Cobra for about two weeks. I am damn happy, I went this route. :D
  7. "Are you glad you got a Cobra? "

    Is the pope polish , er wait .....
  8. I love my Cobra. worrying about it all the time gets old though. I never take it anywhere where I have to park in a lot. Too scared that it may get doored!!
  9. Exactly what I'm worried about. I will not be able to have two cars and I will have to take the one car I have to college. Within two years I will have enough for one of these, but I am worried about taking it to college...
  10. ...'aint that the truth!
  11. I love my cobra, I like it better than the two 5.0s I have owned.
  12. I love my cobra, wouldn't trade it for ne thing, cept maybe a viper, or an 04 mystic cobra!! The pacific green gets mad looks..
  13. mad looks??????? have you seen mine, nothing to drastic, but I get compliments alot. love it. the only thing I miss is my old stero, this mach stuff is crap. click the link
  14. I love my 97 COBRA, but the 03 is a totally different recipe. Luckily I have a Jeep Wrangler for "doorings".
    I really can't wait to get an 03 once the prices drop, luckily I can keep the 97 too!!
  15. Yeah. This car rocks. I had an 01GT vert but after a couple years, I just didn't like having the vert every day. Oh, and the uh...power or something... :)
  16. same thing here, I had an 01 GT Vert with a 1.7 KB on it. Got rid of it last summer for my 04! Never looked back since!!
  17. I've had my 03 Cobra for about two months and love it love it love it. Had a guy in a 03 Z06 the other day blown away that he could not gain any ground on me when we raced. It was trippy having someone in a Z ask for a ride in my Cobra. These cars are wicked fast and get alot of respect. Go for it you will not regret it and hey you only live once.
  18. Agreed but I am way too paranoid about two things:

    1. Door dings at college
    2. Insurance

    I'm only 17 right now, but I have a very well paying job currently and I know that WITHIN two years I will have enough to buy an 03 or 04 cobra.

    Anyone around 19 have some insurance quotes on an 03/04 cobra? I have a clean record thus far.
  19. There are almost no circumstances where I would recommend getting anything but a Cobra. The only situation I can think of where I might is if a person has the coin to buy, say, a Ferrari. I know of no better bang for your buck than a Cobra. I have no regrets in getting mine and plan to keep it even after I pick up one of the new Shelby's (hopefully in '08). One heck of a lot of fun to drive and there are a lot of good people on several different forums and clubs you can meet and instantly have something in common with. Buy one and never look back!
  20. I love mine....

    Im still grinning from ear to ear.