Are you glad you got a Cobra?

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  1. I've had three Trans-Ams and two cobras and this 03 Cobra is the most incredible car I have ever owned. Just wait until you get bit by the mod bug.
  2. Yep, mines not a daily and I hardly ever take it somewhere where I will be inside for very long. I've not driven a Cobra with IRS, but I prefer the solid axle. IRS would be good for road course racing which is what I actually plan to do with mine for fun. But having the solid axle is better from a dig.
  3. yeah

    Yes I am but Ill never buy another new ford again.

    If I was buying my Cobra to keep stock...if that was my intention, I would have been very disappionted. The general quality is rediculous. ANyone who says its good either isn't picky about their car or is really lucky..

    I have had three mustangs a 99 V6 Vert, 01GT VErt, and my 03 cobra. Each one had many of the same problems.....

    Sqealing windows, roofs that didnt line up with doors...leaking lights and more...

    The cobra had bad my case because of three defective tires that the dealer would not help me with because they couldnt test drive up to 80 where the really bad steering wheel vib started.

    The alignment was way out....they tried to blame it on my strut tower bar but eventually admitted it was from Ford that way...

    Exploding idler can argue thats from racing and a 2.80 upper, but all the bearing in each pulley were lucky only one literally blew up

    Sqealing loud people outside the car look...

    Sqeaking passenger seat....hell my F150 does that too!

    Broken driver seat...two buttons dont work and the seat is loose in the track..

    Leaking fog lights..this is the second set already

    Leaking lights.. they get all foggy...not that the car sees rain very often

    Diff came apart...all bolts would undoubtedly blame that one the abuse I put the car through...

    My F150 has all sorts of annoying SSSSSSS too....rattles that they performed a TSB for but when they came back blamed on my bed cover, speakers that dont work...but work good enough according to ford..., power steering that went bad and doesnt feel right since its been fixed AHhhhhhhhh

    FOrd and well....every American Car maker IMOP suck.....

    It really stinks that I admit the next time I buy a new car or truck....its going to be foreign. Thats so sad... :notnice:
  4. i had a 02 gt. really 2 different cars. yes i agree with others about the irs. i like it a ton. it is better for everyday driving.some like some dont. no regrets here! other then my ZO6 this car has quickly become a favorite of mine. i dont plan to sell it soon. the new shelby deal looks sweet to. but i will keep the 04!
  5. I've had posters of SN-95 Cobras since they were introduced, and it was crazy luck that I found it with only 43k on the clock.

    Sadly, if the 94-98 Mustang didn't look the way it did, I'd be in a 90-96 300zx-tt or a 67-69 fastback.
  6. Just had my I year anniversary with my 04' and love her as much today as I did the day we met. :D ( man does that sound weird )
  7. When I bought mine a bit more than a year ago I was debating if I should wait for an '05 or not. Not knowing what the performance level was going to be and also how much the dealer was going to hit me I decided on the Cobra. If it wasn't for the color it would have been about the same price of a fully loaded '05 GT. Then I looked at the list of cars that would beat me in the 1/4 with the '05 and then the Cobra, needless to say I picked the Cobra. The only regret is I'm getting an elbow condition from washing it so often :). I like the '05's but they ain't no Cobras! Now the '07 is something else ....
  8. I traded in my 91' 5.0 notchback for my 01' laser red cobra and the cobra is by far a much better, faster, and more comfortable car. Easy to mod. made over 300rwhp with just basic bolt ons. its a blast to drive and gets looks everywhere i go. Yeah it has its problems, but what car dosent!! easily the best car i have ever owned and plan on keeping it for a long time. Best of all not to much rice messes with u cause they know they dont have a chance. I love smokin those guys!!!!!!!
  9. I have no regrets about buying my '99 or my '03. Neither car ever gave me any trouble until just recently when the '03 went into the shop. I thought that it was just the TOB, but it turns out that they are replacing the entire transmission. It has 35,000+ miles on it. While it is in the shop, they will be checking out all of the TSBs to make sure that they have all been taken care of. It should be finished today.

    I am sure that there are people like Miclowcic out there, but you can have problems with any car. Both my Cobras were tight as a drum when bought and remained so. I did have a bad spot on the canvas of the '99, which was replaced under warranty. I got the '99 on June 30 of 1999 and the '03 on Oct. 1 of 2000. The '99 was late in production and the '03 relatively early.

    Either way, I think that the Cobras are good cars and you can't go wrong when you buy one. Just make sure that it has been taken care of and all the TSB stuff has been finished.

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  10. If you got an '03 Cobra in 2000, I say that you got it more than relatively early. :nice:
  11. :doh:
  12. Oops! I meant Oct. 1 of 2002.

    It is now in the shop getting the TOB and the front section of the transmission case replaced. When they pulled the TOB, a sleeve that wasn't supposed to come out, did. It turns out that the press-fit bearing where the shaft comes out of the case is also cooked. Everything else, including the clutch, is in good shape.

    It is strange. The vast majority of the 35,000 miles that are on it are highway miles, mostly between Toledo and the east coast. It has also been to Florida, Nashville for the Mustang anniversary and other places. I don't pull hole-shots or anything like that since I would like my IRS to last for a long time.

    Either way, this has been the only real problem with the car.

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  13. I tell ya, I had my 95 GTS for eight years and it was as solid as they come. Must have been built on a Wednesday. I would say its build quality was equal to my Cobra but had a better paint job. I do enjoy my 03 but mainly because of the engine. My car did have the stall and the paint isn't exactly top quality but overall the car is solid. Always wanted a Cobra and thought when the ultimate Cobra came out, I should get one. It's an amazingly fast (with mild mods) straight line car. That's what I find addictive and love most about the car. However, I find the Cobra hard to drive, with a stiff clutch, a stick shift that sits to far forward and seats that I can never get comfortable in. Just drove a new C6 and to be honest, that's what a performance car should drive like. I guess that's simply the difference between a modern day sports car and a somewhat modern day pony car :shrug:
  14. I LOVE my BASTARD 01 Cobra more every day.
    Guess I am lucky to have three to switch back and forth.
    So I see the differences in all three.

    The DOHC is what I love the most, SOHC is no comparison at all..........

    Quality is lacking big time, but I can fix them.
    So me happy and looking for #4 to add to the herd !! :lol
  15. All things considered I love my Cobra.
    It's the 3rd Mustang I have owned and the BEST. My only complaint so far is the same complaint I had on my others. DAMN SQUEAKS AND RATTLES! My wifes 626 has 110,000 miles on it and it is amazingly quiet even over bumps. The Cobra has 36,000 on the clock and while I am aware its not a luxury car, I don't think there is any excuse for the sqeaks and rattles from the dash and trunk area. I have new Bilsteins and trunk lid shocks on order for the Cobra currently...
  16. YES!
    my 01 is my 4th stang, and by far the best!
  17. Do your self a favor and buy a 5.0 notchback and have fun with it in college. They are tuff cars run good and you can put 3-5K in up grades and have a decent handling car with plenty of power. The last thing I wanted in college was a car I had to worry about my friends banging up, parking in dark areas for all those parties, catch my drift. By the time you hopfully graduate college then buy a car you can respect. Any way all your friends are gonna want you to drive the mess out of it to see what it will do, Then your motor will blow or you will be with out Diving license.
  18. Good advice !! ^^^^^^^^^^^