Are Z3 fenders gay?

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  1. i bet the lock
  2. in before the lock
  3. itd be the lock
  4. If your worried about them being "gay" why not just grind the gills flush and fiberglass it over? Cheap and easy fix.. if you want to save a few bucks on the glass fenders off ebay.
  5. oh...good point oink. I am the master of all things fiberglass....see there only $80. im just worried of how they will line up ,etc
  6. they would be perfect for him then go ahead get um. LOL JK

    Nik: Thats the greatest answer i think i ever ever seen on here thanks for the laugh

    Pat:WTF is that all you do freaking sit and look for weird ass pics to post or do you just sit and make your own
  7. I need a new pass. side fender and I saw the ones you were talking about on ebay. I was considering fiberglass to save weight on the front end (any ideas on how much weight I might loose) I was considering those and then bondoing up the gills but then I figured they would weigh just as much as steel ones. If you get those and do a fiberglass patch...lemme know how it turns out and how much lighter they are than stock.
  8. don't the Z3's for stangs also have two more little scoops/gills where the rear of the fender meets the door? Just something to think about if you are gonna do Oink's idea, which is actually a pretty good idea, I'm surprised I didn't think of that. I mean you will have prep work most likely anyway, so filling them in wouldn't be too tough I don't think.
  9. arn't they shaped like totally different then the stock ones? besides just having the scoops
  10. Doesn't anyone make OEM style fiberglass fenders? If so, go that route, unless you're really excited about smoothing those gills or whatever they're called. I guess price is a big consideration, but how good can $80 Taiwanese fenders be? :shrug:
  11. I just found that one yesterday, so i put it to good use :rlaugh:
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