arg another problem i found while workig on o2 sensors

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by charlesw6954, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. arg another problem i found while working on o2 sensors

    well when i was taking off the o2 sensors because of the last thread i put up. i was looking and saw a slightly big oil leak on the rear main seal of the engine. so my question is to get to the rear main seal i have to pull drive shaft, tranny, clutch and flywheel, im stuck there. when i had my old 84 and i replaced the tranny i had a shop do it and he replaced the rear main seal on that engine too.

    but also when i remove the clutch and flywheel do i have to send the flywheel to get resurfaced? or is there something i can do like sand off the flywheel?
  2. Since your gona have the flywheel off anyways i would have it resufaced. :nice:
  3. yep, get it resurfaced while it's off. do you really wanna do it later?
  4. "so my question is to get to the rear main seal i have to pull drive shaft, tranny, clutch and flywheel, im stuck there."

    At this point, all you have to do is pop out the old seal with a screwdriver, lube up the new seal, and install. Dont use the screwdriver to install the new seal, you'll damage it.

    Also, betore installing the new seal, look at the crankshaft seal surface. Sometimes the old seal will have worn a groove into the crank. If this has happened to yours, just push the new seal in a little deeper so the lip is sitting on a fresh part of the crank.
  5. The flywheel should be resurfaced if you're replacing the clutch; if you're putting the old one back in, there's no need to resurface the flywheel.

    BTW - before you go crazy with the rear main seal, you might check your pcv system. One of the most common causes of leaks is a pcv system that's not venting crankcase pressure properly. The pressure builds up and forces oil out of the weakest link - often the rear and front crank seals. Crankcase pressure can push oil out of perfectly good, brand new seals. Would be a major bummer to replace the rear main and find it still leaks cause your pcv valve or the oil trap/screen below it is simply clogged up. For less than $20 you can replace the pcv valve, the hose connecting it to the manifold, the rubber grommet and the screen. I'd at least take a look at that stuff before I dived into a rear main replacement -- unless of course you need a new clutch anyway.
  6. i forgot to mention i blew my transmission a while back and replaced the tranny and put in a ford motor sport clutch. i didnt really want to put in that clutch i wanted to put in a centerforce clutch. i just didnt have enough money cause i forgot to think about the stock clutch's condition.

    well while im at replacing my o2 sensors i just might as well replace the pcv valve and what money ill have left over (out of $120) ill buy the seal just in case