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  1. Arkansas People

    There will be a Mustang cruise Sunday October 16......It starts on Petie Jean Mountain at the museum.......I am not sure where we will go this year......It starts at 10:00.........It is fun and i encourage everyone that can to go....
  2. im there man. just gotta run it by marissa first :notnice:

    whats the turn-out expected to be like? is this being set-up by an area mustang club or are you just trying to get something going. send me a PM and remind me that weekend so i dont forget. thanks for the heads up.
  3. This Is a cruise put on by a guy who has a lot of stangs and he is preety rich!!! This cruise has been going on for i think 4-5 years not sure though.......I think last year there where like 15-20 cars i think...It has been growing since...It is the same guy who puts on the mustang show at the first of the summer...So Hopefully i will see ya there :nice:
  4. looks like more of a classic mustang thing. you think they'll mind us noobs tagging along? dont want to be too loud for the old timers :D
  5. lol noone seems to have any time to do a cruise in NY le sad :(

    o well im in college anyway :notnice:
  6. i would be in but im not flying up to chicago til the 22nd to get my new stang. definately let me know next time you all get something going on. thanks.
  7. where do you live man?
  8. searcy. Harding
  9. cool. i got to UCA, and theres another guy from russelville that i think goes to arkansas tech. we'll let you know when we decide to get something going.
  10. sounds good. i hope i get to hear your loudmouth sometime. im thinking about putting it on mine but im very picky about the sound i want.
  11. got pics of the car? :D or any info about it?

    btw, i'm the guy from Arkansas Tech that Helty mentioned
  12. I remember Petit Jean, the Diamond Mine, Greers Ferry lake, Hot Springs.... I used to live in Cabot about 15 years ago. Good times growing up. :nice:

    You guys might get more response from this thread if you posted in the appropriate regional section, imo. :)
  13. i have some pics...i dunno how to post though. im a moron. its a 2002 white gt with tinted windows and a paxton supercharger. 7500 miles. beautiful car.
  14. :drool:

    U suck!.. haha jk, that was the jealousy talking :D
  15. first you need a site to host pics. i use its free, its easy. you upload the pic from your computer to photobucket. then to post it, you click on the yellow icon w/ the mountain in it (in advance reply) and paste the url (photbucket will provide each pic with a different url. all you gotta do is copy and paste) of the photo you want to upload into the box that appears. looks like this when done:


    so you will have: [​IMG]

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  16. no, he does suck! :notnice:

    j/k man, thats awesome you got a paxton on that thing. :nice: hope i get to hear it whine sometime

  17. i have seen your car in conway- it sounds good. well, i actually HEARD it before i saw it- but you get the picture. wow, i didn't know so many arkansas people were on here now- that's good. it would be fun to all get together. :nice:
  18. wow really? thats awesome. where are you from? are you around conway? when/where did you see me? sorry for the 50 questions, i just think thats cool. i always joke about people being able to hear me before they can see me, but i didnt actually think they could. thats awesome :D thanks for the compliments, you made my day :nice:

    keep up with this thread. it will probably die in the next few days, but some of us are really thinking about going to that mustang cruise next sunday if you're interested.

  19. i live about 35 miles west of conway, but i go to uca also. the first time i heard/saw you was a couple of weeks ago driving down donaghey. then i heard/saw you yesterday (with a girl in your passenger seat). the car sounds good though. i like my cars loud also. my mach 1 has a bassani x-pipe no cats and borla stinger catback. as for the mustang cruise, i won't be able to get up to the mountain until around 12, so i probably won't be going unless i knew where the cruise was headed and could catch up somehow.