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  1. eek.. I dunno, maybe i'm just not a procharger guy tho..

    I love the Novi 2k's and Vortech's.

    I've seen/heard of more problems with the P1SC than any novi 2k or vortech combined.. Plus, the reliability on those blowers hasn't been the best from what i've heard... but there have been people with nothing but good things to say about them, along with hp to back it up lol
  2. plenty of hp, i am going to get mine dynoed before i sell it, i think procharger is the best because of the integration of the intercooler, plus it is loud, and i enjoyed that. jeff powell wants to sell his t trim, it is for 94-95 mustangs, i know you will have to spend a bunch of money on suspension if you get a procharger, didnt realize how bad mine was until we put that thing on.
  3. how much does he want for the T-trim?
  4. If any of you guys are in the Fort Smith area stop by our shop and say "hi'.....It already looks like a horse ranch with all the 'stangs around here(99 kenne-bell,GT/my 88Lx 5.0 turbo/wifes 03 cobra/03mach 1/bunch of customers rides)......

    have a good one guys !!
  5. I'm gonna try to make it up there here in a week or two when I get my nitrous situation corrected. I'm just curious on what my car will put out.
  6. i would love to get my car on the dyno up there, once i get my little issue with my car fixed.

  7. i think he said 2300 for it, you can go by the boot shop and ask him
  8. Agreed 110%:nice:
  9. We are dealers for all major brands of superchargers...and from a quality standpoint I think the vortech and paxton's are a leg up ATI has had some issues with fit and belt problems but does make the h/p...most of the paxton and vortech setups are available w/ a liquid intercooler which is far better than air/air.....
    The turbo's are coming down in price and offer even better performance...I love my turbo 5.0 for a daily driver it's been unreal for reliability and gas milage...the power is CrAZEEEE for a driver !!!
  10. I would love to get one of the Variable-Geometry turbos.. that would be SICK :drool:... best of both, big and small :hail2:

    BMW really did right with those things.. i'll just wait and see how they do over time.. then might consider a turbo in a couple years.. Variable Geometry turbo only tho :nice:

  11. what kind of gas mileage are you getting with your turbo setup, is you turbo on a stock 5.0 or do you have a stroker motor? sorry about all the questions but i am just curious
  12. bone stock 5.0 longblock......
    just intake ,t-body ,turbo,42#inj & maf,walbro 255hp
    as far as milage??? awsome verified #'s(I drive through traffic 90% of the time) but I have driven to sallisaw(30 made 11 passes,drove home and used less than 1/4 tank !!!!!
  13. Big thanks to Brian and Clay and everybody that came down saturday....
    Cool meeting everybody !!!
    post up some of those pictures!!!
  14. i had a great time, i would like to see the videos

  15. I had a blast. That blue cobra is looking better each day!
  16. It'd look even sweeter in your driveway.....:nice:
  17. That's the one ol' boys car, isnt it?

    Damn, I wish I could remember his name... pullied, solid rear, and a couple other things.

    But I heard a few things about it.. too bad :(
  18. group pic

    Some nice mustangs...thanks for having us at your shop John.


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  19. I heard some things about it smokes your ass!