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  1. Nothing personal pod so take it easy on me .....just bs'n, but John's cobra puts down some good numbers on his dyno and it smells like blueberries and that is what really matters

  2. True that
  3. What other mods are done to the nitrous powered fox? What size shot?
  4. Hi everyone, Im new to the forum. My name is Justin and I live in Maumelle. I own a 2000 electric green v6 5spd coupe and an 06 GT 5spd in torch red.

    JOHN, I sent you a PM about the blue cobra.

  5. :rlaugh: Smoking my ass is one thing it would do great at! :D hahaha

    No offense taken :nice:

    How bad did Kyle's car mess up?
  6. Welcome to :SNSign: RhinoGT

    I don't post too much on this tread but I read it to see what everyone is up to. I live in Little Rock, well Sherwood as of next weekend. My car is in the sig.

    Looks like it was a good time a John's shop. May have to check it out sometime.

    Is anyone going to the Arkansas Blast show this weekend. I have never been but will be checking it out.
  7. I second that:nice:

    The "blast" is this weekend? Grr...I'm going to have to quit making plans:nonono:
  8. Thanks for the welcome y'all.
    I'd heard about that show and my wife and I do want to go but we dont know when or where it is.
  9. edelbrock intake,tb,shortie headers 150 shot
  10. Thanks, Was it tuned? I figured it would put out a bit more than that?

    So what did Clay's 331 put down?
  11. My car put down 340 on motor and 460 on spray to the wheels.
  12. Wow i havent been in here in awhile how is everyone..
  13. Who are you? :scratch:

    :jester: Just kidding... n00b :mad:

  14. NOOB!! I'll show u noob little man!!