Arkansas Thread

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  1. EFI sweet maybe we can have "swamp thing" ready by then.:nice:

  2. It's about time. I can't wait to see how that car will pull with a c-4.
  3. Swamp Thing :drool: :hail2:
  4. Hopefully swamp thing will be running this weekend again with the c-4. Any estimates on times with the c-4. Oh, we also figured out how to switch between the different settings on the anderson programmer so maybe we'll really screw something up now.
  5. times between 5 speed and auto should be 3-5 tenth quicker with auto!!!
    ^^^^^^^god I hope !!!!!! otherwise I spent alot for nothing.....

    Has anybody heard who else might be coming down...????
    We need a good turnout.....even if it is a bunch of LS-1's....
  6. WOOT WOOT!! Arkansas
  7. Oh chit! It's Ricky!!

    Hey ricky, when you ready to drop the K in my car? :D
  8. Well.. no more mods for a LONG time..

    My motor spun a bearing tuesday morning :(
  9. dam that sucks$$$ have you found out how much its going to cost to fix??
  10. Yeah... new motor + labor = $2500.

    I've got some hella plans for my old motor :D
  11. I really liked the part that said "the Mustang (which is under powered and over priced)":rlaugh:
  12. :lol: :rlaugh:

    And their little F-body's still got killed off :D
  13. any of you guys drive a blue mustang with altezzas and run with ricers, I came through russellville a while back and they swarmed me with their fart cans........hahahaha
  14. Sad news here, I am going to leave for work so the only chance of swamp thing making it to the track is if Brian drives it. I don't know anyone that drives a blue mustang. Did I mention I hate rice.