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  1. Got to do what you got to do, right?:)

    So what have you been up to Jason? I believe I heard;), then saw your car driving down Donaghey this morning. I take it you are still at UCA?
  2. :eek: :jaw: :eek: I had no idea. But hopefully he will let you get it back when the time is right.

    What shape are the brakes in. I might be interested in the calipers and such.
  3. Yeah, it has been about 3 months or so, but I know I am going to get something when I graduate. That makes it much easier.:) He may have good plans for that car by then, if not sooner, so it may not be an option. If not, I'll find something nice.

    I may be interested in the PI plastic intake. I am probably going to cut it up and get some measurements off of it. It just depends on how cheap the "crack" is going to be:) I would rather see someone get it that is actually going to use it, but I am quite interested.
  4. I wanted to let you know there is a club forming in your state. I started a new post to put on a GTG soon...
  5. :nice: bump! lol..
  6. So what's the latest in this area?
  7. well this thread looks dead.. let get it up and going... anyone out there??
  8. Here! From Rogers, Ar...
  9. ah the glory days of stangnet! NWA here
  10. Where in NWA!?
  11. i'm in f'ville! you've probably seen me in my red 94' lightning

  12. Hmmm..not sure!? U knw many pple around here? Im John, Tim Martins cousin, we use to run around with Scott Lamp, Mel Collier, Devon Sims, Tommy Ferguson, Eddie Mccristian...etc...then they all bailed on the stang world, except for myself and tommy but I never see him :mad: ...Eureka shows comin up! :D
  13. i hardly know that many people in rogers or bentonville. i know of Mel Collier "collier drugstore" i don't know if he still drag races but he used to have some badass cars $$$$
  14. Thats him! He went 4.75 at prescott in his white coupe
  15. i used to buy nos and race gas from him long time ago
  16. hey guys we will be getting a bunch of mustangs together here in russellville. Should have close to 14 cars so far. thinking april 28th.. let me know what yall think about that date.. should be a good turnout.. going to go from old post park up to petit jean and back to russellville to eat something..
  17. Damn wish we lived closer
  18. heres my new wheels.

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  19. well the back at well i know its a long way away but maybe we can meet up in between sometime..