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  1. yep, that was me. had to pick the queen up from class. i'll keep you in mind if you're ever interested in going to a meet or anything. maybe in a couple of weeks we'll get something going. i guess you usually drive the 6er cuz i dont remember seeing a mach 1 yet. i gotta hear those stingers sometime too. they were my 2nd choice.

  2. yeah, but you've probably seen the 6er around also. it has deep dish black bullitt rims, 3 1/2" cowl cobra svo hood, dark tint, dual exhaust, fog lights, etc....

    there's another guy at uca that has a yellow mach 1 that i've seen a few times, but whenever i see him, i don't ever have time to flag him down...haha. but yeah, my mach is usually only driven around on the weekends.
  3. heres a few pics. hope they work....




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  4. very nice- clean, looks good!! :nice:

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  5. ^^^looks good man. it would be a good sleeper too if not for the blower whine. hope to hear it sometime :nice: just not blowing by me
  6. Hey, are you ever in Russellville? because i've seen/heard a white mach 1 that sounded LOUD AS HELL on the weekends and every now and then at night sometimes.. u may have seen me around there if u go down there.. here's a pic of my car..


    We've been tryin to get some sort of a Mustang Meet together for all the Mustang people in Arkansas, in the area, if ur interested.. i've got a few buddies with mustangs (V8's) and we've been lookin for anyone and everyone!

  7. yep, that was me!!! i have seen your car also- looks really good. :nice: yeah, we should all get together. i have met and raced a few guys up there in russelville- probably some of the same people you talk
  8. you guys all suck, your cars look sooo much better than mine. (the ass that owned it before me had a fettish with scratching and neglecting the paint).

    but yeah, lets get something going. i want someone to drive my car so i can hear it from the outside :D
  9. Some of the guys I hang out with drive an Orange '96 GT, mineral grey '87 notchback with mach 1 wheels, a green '93 hatchback, an idiot with a BONE STOCK maroon '96 with dumped exhaust and some other random stangs.. raced any of them? :D just wonderin

    Well, the only reason my car looks the way it does is because of the previous owner. He loved this car and spent lots of time and $$ on it.. He used Zaino Brothers car polish stuff (expensive as hell).. i'm vvvveeerrryyy lucky

    I'll drive it for ya :D i've always wanted to feel how other '02 gt's compare to mine
  10. You might post this over at, might get some of the OK stangs to join in. We're overdue for a cruise, if i can get off work i'll come.

  11. i have seen the orange 96 gt around there, but we have never talked. as for your "idiot" friend with the 96 maroon gt, (jimmy-yes, i have talked AND raced him). um....yeah..apparently some of your friends like to talk some things up, too... :D he told me firsthand that he tells his mustang friends at russelville that i lose races to other stangs up there (for his own personal entertainment-he says he thinks it is funny- that's why i quit coming to r-ville for a while) so that he can get more people to race. i guess some people think they can get some things over on me since i'm female....but that's ok- i know i'm more knowledgable about cars than the average. :D

    as for the green 93 hatchback...what's the guy's name? one of my friends (david-he's on sn also)from here drives the same and goes up there sometimes....we may be talking about the same guy.

    helty: i don't think you will have a problem getting someone to drive your car for you. :D
  12. something told me there will be a few more than willing volunteers :rolleyes:

    i think we're trying to plan something for next saturday night if you're interested and can make it. we'll let you know for sure once all the details get sorted out.

  13. your car is 5spd isn't it?? (we'll see if my ears are properly yes, please let me know- i will make sure my schedule stays clear for that day. just let me know. :nice:
  14. a 5 speed it is. of course its got the infamous 3650 1-2 grind, but i had to have stick. so yeah, your ears are tuned just fine. i'll definitely let you know the details once we get them sorted out. im looking forward to meeting some people and seeing their cars and mods.
  15. Yah, David is the same guy. He's really cool, i hope he shows up.

    And as for Jimmy, he's not really a friend (just an aquantince) because he likes to talk a bunch of bs and tells everyone about how he's beat me 12 times or whatever :shrug: altho, we only raced twice (and i beat him badly both times :rlaugh: )

    I quit going out in town because of that guy partially, along with a few other idiots that like to do the same stuff..

    You should come down here if u can, i doubt jimmy will be around (nobody really likes him, i dont think).. we're still workin out details of what we're gonna do, but it'll hopefully be pretty interesting.. just the first time we're all gonna get to really meet so it may be a crash course haha

  16. haha...yeah, well glad to see i'm not the only one who got tired of all the bs. i can't stand that kind of crap. well, it sounds like fun for everyone who will be able to go meet up next weekend (if that's when you guys decide to do it). i will let david know about it also, cuz he has a couple of other stanger friends also who might like to go also. just keep me updated! :nice:
  17. Thanks for the link carolyn :)

    Jason, thanks for the compliment...your cool too :nice: Definetly get Brian over there...he Pm'ed me about it so I know he is going...

    Grrr...I wish I wasn't so obligated to different things on the weekend.

    I will make sure I let my friend's (John with 98 gt that started the thread and Matt with 00 Gt) know what is going on so they can go in my place. :)

    I'm free this Friday night but not on Saturday would be too late by that time I got over there...that is :notnice:

    Hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to get over there. :bang:

    Catch ya'll later :cheers:

    I have heard the cruise is some more ='s :banana:
  18. Man, that sucks.. one of these days we'll get somethin together that everyone can come to :D

    I met that matt guy last night, i ran him also.. he got me b/c of my horrible take-off and he got a slight jump (went on 3.. instead of "go).. we were climbin on him the whole time.. he had a whole car length b4 we started to take off :( not talkin trash, just sayin what happened.. he seemed to be a pretty cool guy, i'd like to run him from an even takeoff.. we ran him from a roll and got him pretty good tho (but he missed 3rd, but only after we had a length and a half).. oh well.. maybe we'll get a good run one day :D
  19. Yeah, I'm tired of my's either this or that...maybe I could come this Friday just to cruise around? Who knows :shrug:

    I'm surprised you were gaining on him. He runs 11.4's and 11.5's at the track at 92mph...and yeah "we" usually go on 1-2-3...just something we have always did. Just sounds like some miscommunication. Good races :)

  20. let me know if you guys decide to cruise friday. i would like to go. :nice:
    david- and you talk about me always being so