Arkansas Thread

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  1. I could go Fri. after the football game.....We usually go to Waffle House after the ball games any ways so i could swing by, but it would be close to 10:30-11:00 when i get there.

  2. that time is fine by me. the more the merrier!
  3. So.. how about meeting earlier friday night and lettin everyone catch up as they get free?... like, meet around 7 or 8 somewhere and just bs around..
  4. What up everyone ......whats up david.....its been awhile. Well for everyone else that dont know me names brian im from russellville and im sittin at jasonh's house typing this....yeah we really need to get some ppl together jason just put in a thread about when we should meet up so everyone give us a time to meet up and we are would be cool to have david come even though he waxed my ass last time he was down :D but anyways add me if you dont have me.....peace
  5. hey dont worry if jimmy shows up ill kick his dont like him either
    even though his mustang is the fastest one around i mean i want to be just like him....dont you jason..???
  6. friday, saturday, i dont give a chit. the queens gotta work all night so im free :D
  7. awesome.. maybe we can get everyone to come! :D i'd like to have a good turnout.. what time would u wanna meet up helty?
  8. whenever man, really. my last class gets out at 2, the queen goes to work at 4, so anytime after 4 i guess. let me know, im up for it.
  9. awesome.. that sounds like a damn good plan for friday.. how late can everyone stay?.. just wonderin
  10. as long as there's gas in the tank :D
  11. Hell yah!.. that's what i'm talkin about.. i was hopin people weren't gonna leave at 11 or 12.. that would be teh lose lol
  12. sounds like we may have a pretty good turn out. i may just have to give the stang a little detailing thursday. i hope my LMII's show up soon too. UPS has been :notnice: the last two weeks.
  13. dang.. that sucks.. i'll be detailing my stang on thursday also.. since i dont have school that day :D

    I'm really hoping for a good turnout, or at least if it's just a few people that it'll be some people from here and what not..
  14. Ill be there....of course seeing how my apartment is like 2 miles away from flying j' if we gotta wait on ppl to show up we can always go chill at my place

    I just cant wait to hear that roar of mustangs going down the road
  15. i'll make sure to keep it right around 5500 rpm coming off the exit :D
  16. Cant wait to hear it bringing any other mustangs with you....??
  17. im working on it. i'm not from around here so i really dont know many people. when i say here i mean not only arkansas, but the south in general. i'm actually from pennsylvania. i lived in sherwood for the last 2 years, but most of the people i knew were military and have since left the area. none of them had stangs. so anyway ive only lived in conway for the last two months and i swear ive only seen two or three gt's, 1 mach just yesterday, and one almighty 03/04 cobra. i guess i need to get out more :shrug:
  18. well anytime you run into one of them let them jason need some mustangs to "horse" around
  19. hey.. helty, if u get ur LMII's b4 friday or sunday if u come down here for the cruise, u can put them in over at my place.. my brother has a huge ass jack and some jack stands and a few thousand $$'s in tools and he prob wouldnt mind if we wanted to borrow them, as long as we didnt leave with them..

    If you would want to head to Russellville earlier than 7, ur more than welcome to.. i could meet u since i live about 2-3 minutes from Flying J's.. Same goes with David and everyone else! :D
  20. sounds good man. my moms gonna ship the LMII's from PA tomorrow. they might get here friday if im lucky. we could probably change the resonators without even jacking the car, but i wouldnt want to. if we raise it about 6 inches it will be pretty easy, and the only tool we'll need is a 15mm semi-deepwell socket/ratchet, which i have in the car. i hope they come in. :(

    so if we do this thing friday night, is anyone still thinking about going to that cruise @ petit jean sunday? :shrug: