Arkansas Thread

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  1. They should be in by friday, just gotta think optimistic :D haha..

    And about the cruise, i'll probably go if it's gonna be more than just me going.. If u and brian go, i'll definately go.. i think it'd be a neat experience, pretty fun probably
  2. yeah, they SHOULD be in. it wasnt really UPS's fault. I wouldn't mind going sunday either. we'll see how the stang's feeling.
  3. If they're in b4 friday, u'll get to hear the before and after of the LMI's and LMII's.. i dont think i'd mind doing a drive-by so u could hear it from the outside :D hahaha

    I'd like for somebody to do a drive by in my car so i could hear it in action
  4. im sure there will be plenty of volunteers willing to drive other people's cars on friday. you can take mine for a spin, i really wanna hear the loudmouths from the outside. it will give you a feel for the MGW. its got a few kinks (the car). for example, it likes to lunge in first gear unless you baby it and feather the clutch. i think the u-joints may be shot, at least thats what ive been told.
  5. haha yah, i figure i'll be wanting to drive everyones (in the back of my mind) but i probably wont say anything to anyone unless they offer first.. unless i joke around about it...

    I'll let u take mine for a spin, since ur gonna let me take urs.. i'll let u give it some hell, so u can see if u like the 3.73's or if u want higher
  6. you dont have to let me drive it, i know its like letting some other guy mess around with your girl. i normally dont let anyone drive my stang, but i know you know how to drive one, and yours is a 3650, and i really really want to hear it from the outside. it will be the deciding factor on wether i keep the LMI's or switch to the LMII's. dont feel obligated to let me drive yours. i would like to at least ride shotgun to get a feel of the 3.73s. :D
  7. I'll let u drive it, i dont mind.. I let everyone else drive it, even race it sometimes! haha.. i'm a little generous when it comes to my car, but i just look at it as i drive it everyday, so why not let somebody drive it who doesnt own it and cant drive it everyday.. if that makes any sense haha.. i'll let u drive it and even give it some hell if u want, so u can feel the difference in gears and mods :banana:
  8. well, ok. if you insist :D
  9. yah.. that's what i thought! :cool: haha.. maybe we can line our cars up :D jk.. i wouldnt want u to risk gettin a ticket down here just b/c i wanna race
  10. so.. who all is going to come friday?.. just wondering
  11. ok jason thanks for hinting about the ticket thing....sorry guys but i dont think im going to be so willing to let someone drive mine....expectally not jk im just messing with ya getting my diff... in so i can get some traction... putting those in thursday...
  12. haha.. i didnt even make the connection about the ticket thing til u said something..
  13. 7 or 8 friday sounds good. so how long will you guys actually stay at the gas station waiting for everyone? (so i'll know how much time range i need to get there b4 you all leave). where did you say the flying j's was at? i forgot. :D

    i found that other yellow mach 1 in conway- i left a note on his windshield about this weekend - we will see if he is interested or not if he calls by then. i think i might try to round up more nice stangs around here. it would be cool if i could get enough that we all arrive at russelville in group, but we will see.

    yeah, david is the best racing driver i have ever seen- and one of the extreme few that i would trust my car with.

    how late can we all stay? well, my curfew is 10 o'clock.

    no, j/ late as you guys all want to hang out i guess. :nice:

    i'm excited now!!!
  14. Well i think we will wait around from 7:00pm to about 8:00pm...
    that should give ppl enough time to show up late if they want.
    David is really good believe me i whipped a ls1 camaro in front of him
    then me and him raced and he beat me as bad as i beat the camaro.
    Cant wait to get to meet everyone and get to talk to david again.
    but yeah we will wait around til 8 or so. My gf dont get off til 9:00 so
    I will hangout til then and then she will meet up with me and then i will catch back up with all of yall.....who ever that ready to get my diff in so i will have some traction of the line....damn you david you and your traction.... lol
  15. im getting excited. i mean whoring out pics of my car on the interweb is one thing, but doing it in front of real people is just fun :nice:

    jason-the LMII's shipped today. i should get a tracking # from UPS in the mail sometime this evening, then i'll know when they're going to be here. i'll go pick them up in little rock if i have to.

    btw, is anyone else having any trouble with posting since they did the site maintenance earlier? seems like everything is slow and i couldnt even post earlier. :shrug:

  16. did you say flying j's was off the first or 2nd exit? i having a brain freeze for the moment...
  17. I had a lil trouble with it said that i did it wrong or
    some bull**** like im glad we are going to have some
    guys and "girls" there isnt really any good competiton around here
    for me and jason we pretty much hangout everyday. Not that im
    going to try to race anyone fri...or anything...hell i just got a
    racing on public highway ticket this past fri...dont need another
  18. its off the first exit coming from conway...get off the exit and turn right and you wont miss it
  19. Yah, it's Exit 84.. You'll see the big ass Flying J sign when you get close :D

    I'm excited as hell about friday!!! I can't wait, it's all i've been able to think about haha

    Hey Helty, that's awesome, they should be in by friday for sure unless something happens, and lets hope nothing does happen to them! that'd suck hardcore

    Try to get as many as u can 98GreenMachine, we'll probably be waiting around on people and bs'in around for a while but try to get there as close to 7 as possible :D I'll prob be there around 6:30-45 since i live like 2 minutes from there.. I found a person with an '05 GT at Tech, i'm gonna see if i cant put a note on their windshield about it, but I dont want them to think i'm tryin to mess with their car.. i'm too parannoyed haha

    Damn, 4 pages! :D :banana:
  20. come on guys.. let's keep this thread goin :D